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Month: May, 2014

How To: Achieve That Elusive Work-Life Balance

by Shannon

Dude, just take a vacation. I know that sounds like a quick-fix solution, and maybe it is, but after a week of being back from NYC, I’m still riding high from it.

I typically work 75 – 80 hour work weeks. Every week night, and every weekend, for sure. When I got back from vacation, I was on such an absolute high from it that I just couldn’t keep that up. All I wanted to do was think about how awesome my trip was!

I obviously still have work I need to get done, but somehow it’s really helped me mellow out a bit and realize that work isn’t my main reason for surviving. While I love my job, and really, really love what I do, it’s still a means to an end to do other stuff I also love to do, like go on trips, and meet new people, and eat hamburgers.

Who knows how long this feeling will last, but I guess that just means I’ll have to take another trip.


How To: Have a Great NYC Experience

by Rachel

-lose your 7-day Metro pass on the first day
-waste time shopping
-plan too much (but not too little either)
-fully rely on subways, not all of them run at all times and of course maintenance considerations
-arrive at the airport half an hour before your flight… That’s a whole other kind of stressful

-ask people questions… Everyone is SO nice in New York!
-take cabs, they are never as expensive as you expect they will be
-give yourself longer to get places than you think, because it almost ALWAYS takes longer than you think
– plan your route to the fullest, from start to finish. Saves finding a map or pulling it out of your backpack at every stop which wastes a surprising amount of time
-get a map! For the love of traveling… Get a map.
-consider a compass, but in fashion form, like a necklace
– make local friends… Preferably with a rooftop patio with BBQs so you can have a homey Sunday night dinner cooking on the rooftop with a killer view

Go to the following places:
-Comedy Cellar: you will laugh until it hurts and you can’t breathe. Make reservations and get there 30-45 minutes to wait in line for a front row seat
-Brooklyn Bowl: bowling, concerts, dancing, DJ’s, restaurant all in one? Fantastic fun to be had.
-Greenwich Village: so much action you will always find something to do
-Central Park: need I say more?

My favourite city so far, the shirts are right: I love New York.

What’s Yo’ Beef #38

by Rachel

What’s there to Beef about? We’re in New York City!

How To: Get Fit and Have Fun

by Rachel


I may have outdone myself this time. I like watching baseball games, but sitting on the couch for 3 hours watching elite athletes kind of makes me feel fat and lazy. So my husband and I came up with the above. The best part id you will NEVER do the same workout twice. This is my favourite part.

For beginners, you can choose one team to follow for the workouts, or start with 5 or 6 innings.
If you want to be hardcore, you have to combine all plays happening; ie: a 2 run home run would be 40 mountain climbers + 20 kettle bell swings. Use commercial breaks to catch up, then finish with the commercial break cardio.
The Jays play a lot, so don’t over do it. 2 or 3 a week is plenty.

I’m pretty excited about this.

What’s Yo’ Beef #37

by Rachel


When you get takeout, and take it home and get all excited, and they give you french fries, when you asked for sweet potato fries… Life is so hard.


My beef is personal hygiene. It’s such a bitch, you know what I mean? I’m all for being clean and everything, but the never ending cycle of wax this, pluck that, shave everything, trim your fingernails, get a haircut, brush your teeth… ugh, it just really gets to me sometimes. Life would be easier if I was a robot, that’s for sure.

How To: Get The Stink Out Of Your Pants

by Rachel

I’ve been hearing lately that you are NOT supposed to wash your jeans, like, ever. Denim is meant to form to the shape of your body and washing ruins that. Not to mention it’s hard on the fabric, so bonus, your jeans will last longer.
There are two circumstances in which you should wash your jeans:
1. If they are sagging
2. If they are visibly dirty

So what do you do if they just stink? I will tell you, and I tell you with the experience of doing it and knowing that it works. Put them in a plastic bag and out them in the freezer for a few hours. The cold kills the stink! Huzzah! But make sure on a cold day to take them out a good half hour before you have to wear them… And on a hot day pull them out and put them on. Fresh AND refreshing.

How To: Make Hipster Cutoffs

by Rachel

Hipsters can sometimes have covetable style. I am a huge fan of cutoffs and am loving the high waist rolled cuff right now. Instead of spending 20 or 30 bucks at the store, you can make your own!

1. Go to Value Village and purchase old jeans, best if they predate 1998.


2. If you can find button fly you’re golden (although I will regret this on a summer night of beers).


3. Cut them off with enough length that you can roll the cuff a couple times. If you don’t like the cuffs cut them shorter for the frayed hem.


4. Wash them to fray the hem a bit and get the thrift store stink out (might have to do that twice… See my How To: Thrift Shop – Clothing Edition)

5. Um, I guess that’s it actually. So easy!




Pair with oversized sweater cardigans, crop tops, wide brim hats etc. for the whole look.

What’s Yo Beef #34

by Rachel

This is happening right now… When people wear leggings with holes in the butt…


My beef today is sad moods. Not even bad moods – I’ll save those for another day. But sad moods, like when you just get in a funk that you just can’t shake. Maybe you’ve done something stupid, maybe you just have a shitty feeling, who knows. The point is, they’re like a succubus, and just drain you of all things awesome. Geeze, what’s the point!?

I did something stupid today, and now I just have this sick, sick feeling that I can’t shake, and I know I’m a mess to be around. It’s pretty ridiculous. Self, you need a margarita and an Usher dance party. Get it in gear, woman!

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