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Month: March, 2014

What’s Yo’ Beef #30

by Rachel

30 posts! Woot!

My beef is the following:


I HATE the sound of ripping plastic casing off cardboard, also that usually the outer layer of cardboard comes off and then there’s still that rough shit that gives me the shivers you have to poke through. Ugh…. COME ON!

My beef is when everything is on plan and you give people deadlines and they can’t stick with them… COME ON!

How To: Rock Out

by Shannon

Is there anything better than a solid brass section in music?

Life is like a trumpet. If you don’t put anything into it, you don’t get anything out of it.

How To: Have A Great St. Patrick’s Day

by Shannon

With St. Patrick’s Day falling on a Monday this, I did my main celebrating Saturday with Liam and some friends, and man, we had a blast.

I’m a strong believer that St. Patrick’s Day can be totally fun, without having to pay a $15 cover and cram yourself into a room that seems to have more elbows than bartenders and vacant bathrooms, with the former constantly being shoved in your face. Last year, Liam and I did a sweet College Street pub crawl with a friend that worked out awesome – non-Irish bars get ignored during this holiday, so we had great service, and the bartenders were fun to chat with. This year, we went for the same idea.

Once everyone found the place, we all huddled into Duke’s Refresher, which is a relatively new bar on Gerrard at Yonge. It has a great beer selection, the food was killer (as was my beer milkshake. What!?), and the band kept playing Beatles songs once they realized we loved them. We sat around, played Truth or Dare, ordered multiple Moosehead‘s, and the band even dedicated a song to me.

From there, we booted over to Jack Astor’s for some Woodchuck Ciders, then over to Beer Academy to wrap up the evening. By the time my facepaint was wearing off and Liam and I had demolished the Chinese food we brought home to devour during House of Cards, I was tapped, but I’d had one awesome St. Patrick’s Day.

In honour of my awesome day, I’ve put together a small list of rules that should help you have a wonderful holiday without being stupid.

1. Always make friends with the band and bartenders. They’re so often really cool

2. Ain’t nothing wrong with painting your face. Just ask my mom, who still faithfully does it every year

3. If you have to pay cover at a normally coverless bar, it probably isn’t worth it

4. Eat, eat! You’re skin and bones

5. Green dye will make you feel gross

6. Friends are better than no friends

7. Sing along, clap your hands, laugh loudly. If people can’t hear how much fun you’re having, you’re not having enough fun!

8. At the end of the day, make sure you curl up with a glass of water, a good book that you’re fanatically reading because it expires from the library in two days and you apparently can’t renew e-books, and someone who loves you (even if that someone is just a poster of Keanu Reeves)

What’s Yo’ Beef #29

by Rachel


No worries about missing beef day Shannon… Trust me, I forget stuff too, in fact it’s part of my beef today.
This week’s beef is the culmination of months of mistakes, and effects of said mistakes, therefore feeling like a giant idiot.
Example 1: My cell phone bill was double the fee this month, and I said ‘whaaaaat? I definitely paid that last month’…. Turns out I still had my old cell phone provider on my list of payees for online banking. I paid them by accident, which resulted in calling and explaining and making me feel like an #idiot.
Example 2: Although a simple mistake to make, I screwed up my income on my taxes for 5 whole months. How do you go 5 months not catching a mistake? #idiot.
Example 3: I have to send an invoice to my boss in order to get paid. Today was payday… But not for me! I had an email reminder from my boss, actually completed the invoice, but somehow, forgot to send it. #idiot.
All of these realizations came to me this week. COME ON!


I did want to make my beef today about shitty technology, and how my computer hasn’t let me on WordPress for like, the entire week, but I’ve decided I’m bigger than that.

I’ve had a pretty good week actually, so relatively low beefs on this end, but there is one thing that’s totally been getting my griddle fired up, and that’s grown-up hangovers.

I have a pretty high alcohol tolerance, thanks in part to years of training with Queen’s Players, and the fact that I work for a beer company. It’s something I’m pretty proud of, and I can definitely hold my own against people who are a foot taller and 100 pounds heavier.

But man, do I ever pay for it these days. Last night Liam and I had dinner out, where I had one beer, then we moved to a friend’s house (where I played Grand Theft Auto for the first time – what have I been missing?!), where I had one cider, and half of a beer. And I feel slightly hungover! My skin has that not-fresh feeling, my head is just sliiightly throbbing, and all I want is tomato soup (though that’s also just a regular day for me). What the dude! Grown-up hangovers man, they suck.

How To: Make Healthy Cookies

by Rachel

I have this unbelievably delicious monster cookie recipe… But there is sooo much sugar! I am always trying to figure out a way to lessen sugar content and make things healthier in my baking and I have actually successfully done it… I know this because my husband eats them and doesn’t complain.
The original recipe called for the following:

1/2 C. Butter
1C EACH white and brown sugar
3 eggs
1.5 C. Of peanut butter
4.5 C. Large Flake Oats
2 tsp. Baking soda
1 tsp. Vanilla extract
1 C. Smarties
1/2 C. Each chocolate chips and peanuts.

Now, substitute:
1/2 C. Coconut oil for butter
2 C. Dates (chopped and soaked in boiling water, then mashed up)
Toss the smarties and just do more semi sweet chocolate chip or try seeds and raisins (but I’m not hard core)
And you could even use almond or another nut butter if you really wanted to up the health factor.

I would recommend baking them in muffin cups because they tend to be crumbly (even the original version). Bake at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes and you get this:


Delicious AND healthy!

Where you finds cookies you find smiles

What’s Yo’ Beef #28

by Rachel


Menstrual cramps am I right? COME ON!


I really hope Rachel’s beef next week isn’t late co-blog posts, because damn, I totally missed yesterday.

My beef this week – as my colleagues who overhear me on the phone yelling at people all the time can attest to – is changing your name. I got married more than a year ago, and about two months ago, decided to apply for a new credit card, because I’m a grown-up now, and free movie points are sweet, but free money is sweeter. Anyway, the headache that comes with doing this is off the charts. I spoke to three different people, six different times, and these people just don’t know what the hell is going on half the time!

Get this – the official way to let the credit bureau know you’ve changed your name is to mail them a piece of paper that says you have. How is that official in any way?!

Dealing with shit over the phone. COME ON!

How To: Be Happy…

by Rachel

… For at least one moment a day.
It’s called 100 Happy Days. I’m not usually into this kind of thing, but today I had such a bitter day I felt this would help in appreciating every day, even if just for a minute. Plus, the more instagram photos the better, am I right?
So I started today! You can start too, just go to

And if you wanted you could follow me on instagram – rmetherel.

Don’t worry, be happy… For 100 days

How To: Lose a Little Faith in Humankind

by Rachel

This is less a how to and more just a really strange story I want to tell.
Last weekend we went ice fishing with a bunch of friends on Saturday. We got home around 11pm. On Sunday we went to my sister in laws, leaving at 11am and returning at 4pm to have friends over for a couple of hours. My car hadn’t been used all weekend and was parked in our garage. With all the cold weather, unfortunately our garage door doesn’t close properly or lock and gets stuck so we have just been leaving it open for convenience.
Monday morning I go to get in the car (I have a 97 Camry), and my cassette tapes are out of my console and on my seat and the ashtray has been pulled out and strewn on the passenger seat. I texted my husband, thinking maybe he was looking for a car charger in a hurry (which doesn’t explain the ashtray but I hoped) and he said it wasn’t him.
I told one of the girls who was over Sunday night and she said when they left they noticed my interior light was on and the door was ajar so they shut it, which it wasn’t on Saturday night…
So, this means someone came into our garage, either Saturday night and we didn’t notice the light in the morning, or Sunday broad daylight when we were gone, went into my car obviously looking for money because only the console and ashtray were touched, and in the end stole 2 double cassettes of the Beatles and left! We have many more valuable things in our garage, I even had a swiss army knife in my car and Beatles tapes are what they chose… This is one terrible thief we have on our hands. If you’re going to do it, do it right. So now we have shut our man door permanently and can’t really use it because its too hard to open, we have to lock our big garage door and unlock anytime we want to get in from the outside or use our front door but have to put a planter in front of the screen when we leave because our screen door doesn’t shut properly. Thanks thief, for making us feel creeped out and paranoid. I hate you. Jokes on them though, one of the cassettes was in the tape deck.

What’s Yo’ Beef #27

by Rachel


Perma-B.O. The grossest. You put on a shirt fresh from the laundry, put deodorant on a fresh armpit, and an hour later you smell like B.O? Something is not adding up. It’s the buildup of the little bit of B.O. that doesn’t get washed out with each wash. Eventually, a perfectly good shirt otherwise, smells bad about 5 minutes in. And if you are someone who sweats a lot, the new sweat just empowers the stink more. The bad? You stink. The good? Time for new shirts!


Speaking of new shirts, my beef today is not knowing where to buy cool shit. I really love shopping most of the time (or, I hate it. It’s one or the other), but when I’m really in the mood, I just don’t know where to go in Toronto! Tell me your cool shopping stores, World!

How To: Go Shadeless With Your Lamp

by Rachel


Get one of these bad boys… Not only at Restoration Hardware but also at Canadian Tire, only $7.99!

Because lamp shades are expensive.

This Little Light of Mine… Was only $7.99!

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