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How To: Really Impress Your Husband

by Shannon

For Valentine’s Day, shun flowers and teddy bears. Instead, offer to create a beer pairings dinner. Not only will he love you more than he ever has before, but you can get just a little bit weekday drunk in a totally acceptable way.

How To: Enjoy Yourself Immensely

by Shannon

Have your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/significant other/roomate work late and not be home for dinner, then have the most delicious dinner there ever was, and don’t even feel bad that you spilt bread dipper all over your shirt, which wasn’t even actually a shirt, it was pajamas and it was only 6:30 p.m.

How To: Regret Only One Tiny Thing About Your Wedding

by Shannon

It’s not a Seinfeld-themed wedding.



How To: Have The Nicest Date

by Shannon

Go somewhere where you have a gift card. It’s the nicest.

How To: Not Act Surprised

by Shannon

Go around the corner to gasp in surprise when you discover the level of excitement he’s exhibiting over shopping for wedding clothes.

How To: Owe Money

by Shannon

Pay your boyfriend back because the stuff you sold on Kijiji wasn’t exactly yours.

How To: Feel More Than A Little Smug

by Shannon

Have someone propose New Year’s Eve plans with you.
In August.



How To: Get A Runaround Answer From Your Boyfriend

by Shannon

Send him a photo of the bookshelf you want, and ask him, So, what do you think, can we buy it?

That will guarantee he won’t answer Yes or No, even though that’s exactly what you’re asking.

How To: Give Your Boyfriend The Best Birthday Gift In The World

by Shannon

Ask the online community for help.


How To: Know When You Are Very Cool

by Shannon

Have a really, really good time at your future brother-in-law’s Star Trek-themed LAN party.

Like, a really, really good time.

I’m a really good Captain.

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