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How To: Achieve That Elusive Work-Life Balance

by Shannon

Dude, just take a vacation. I know that sounds like a quick-fix solution, and maybe it is, but after a week of being back from NYC, I’m still riding high from it.

I typically work 75 – 80 hour work weeks. Every week night, and every weekend, for sure. When I got back from vacation, I was on such an absolute high from it that I just couldn’t keep that up. All I wanted to do was think about how awesome my trip was!

I obviously still have work I need to get done, but somehow it’s really helped me mellow out a bit and realize that work isn’t my main reason for surviving. While I love my job, and really, really love what I do, it’s still a means to an end to do other stuff I also love to do, like go on trips, and meet new people, and eat hamburgers.

Who knows how long this feeling will last, but I guess that just means I’ll have to take another trip.


How To: Have A Great International Flight

by Shannon

First of all, make sure you’re traveling to an awesome city, like Amsterdam. It’ll make everything seem better.

Then, get to the airport the required 2-3 hours early for your flight, because you kind of like hanging out in airports – there’s so much to do! Try not to be disappointed though when the computers at check-in break down, and you spend that entire time waiting in line. And don’t get too freaked out (re: super pissed) when you’re still waiting in the check-in line past the time they close your gate. And just keep holding on to those warm, fuzzy feelings when you realize that for whatever reason, they’re not seating people together, and you and your husband are sitting in non-beside-each-other seats for your, you know, honeymoon and all.

Proceed to race to the gate and basically just walk right on to the plane. This is where it really starts getting good.

You and your dude are waiting to see who’s seatmate will be willing to switch. Turns out, it’s the guy next to him. Which means – exit row! Extra leg room! Closer to the front of the plane! Only one couple in front of you! This is great news.

Next on the docket for your great flight? Why, it’s free beer, of course, because this is a long flight, and they need to really ply people to get them to chill the hell out. And, you brought your Lime Flavoured Tostitos on the flight, so that’s cool. Proceed to watch Goodfellas, and then read Twilight on your new Kobo, and you don’t care who knows it.

Oh, and don’t forget to get some sleep on your red eye flight. The complementary eye mask, pair of socks, and ear plugs ought to help!

Land in Amsterdam, safe and sound. Done and done.

I’m pimpin’ all over the world – Ludacris

How To: Wonder If You’re Cursed

by Shannon

The day before you go on vacation, you wind up at the optometrist’s with an eye infection.

This is the second time it’s happened.

How To: Get A Lot Of Work Done At Work And Be Accomplished

by Shannon

Whatever you do, don’t work on a Friday before a long weekend when everyone’s out of the office.

How To: Make Poor Travel Decisions

by Shannon

Start planning your international trip only three weeks out, and then realize that you didn’t book off nearly enough to do everything you wanted, because it’s Europe man, and there’s a lot of cool shit to see.

How To: Feel Trashy At Work

by Shannon

You can’t button your pants all day because your stomach sunburn won’t allow it. You can’t technically zipper them either, but that’s probably just because you ate McDonald’s last night.

How To: Have A Wonderful Welcome Back From Vacation

by Shannon

Those new pens you ordered specially have arrived, and they’re all black and smooth and your writing will be so nice for about three days.

How To: Increase Your Blood Pressure

by Shannon

Try and book an all-inclusive vacation online for multiple people.

How To: Question Everything

by Shannon

Watch someone get up early on their day off, even though they don’t have to.

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