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What’s Yo’ Beef #40

by Rachel

Oh my gosh, we almost forgot AGAIN about Friday beefs. Although, it never upsets me because it usually means I don’t have much beef. Always a good thing. However, I do have a bit if a beef today…

When your husband turns down your music and turns on the TV. HONESTLY! Just f#%@cking turn it off… That would be less annoying than listening to music AND the TV at the same time. COME ON!


It’s true, I just haven’t had a lot of beefs lately. I have been really jonesing to go to a good concert though lately, but there just haven’t been bands I want to see, so that’s kind of annoying. It’s like all my favourite artists are just on hiatus, or else touring Europe or something. Come back to Toronto!

How To: Die Of Anticipation

by Shannon

Breaking Bad is slowly, but surely, being uploaded to your television set. Series finale. You’re in love with Jesse. Not like, in love-in love, but you just really like him and that’s okay. You also kind of think Todd is pretty cool, because even though he kills people he seems very nice and thoughtful and you’re totally into seeing how this crush on Lydia plays out.


How To: Wish You Lived With A Woman

by Shannon

Start watching HBO’s girls and wish that you were just a little less grown up. Proceed to watch every single episode.

How To: Realize You Need To Stop Watching TV

by Shannon

You come home to find your husband has set the table, and you’re all like, This looks alien to me.

How To: Regret Only One Tiny Thing About Your Wedding

by Shannon

It’s not a Seinfeld-themed wedding.



How To: Get Out Of Hanging Out

by Shannon

Tell people you have to go home because Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is on TV and you don’t have cable and you never get to watch it so you have to go home right now because you don’t want to miss anything.

How To: Hate Television

by Shannon

Watch the season finale of Breaking Bad and then WHAT WAIT WHY ARE THERE NO MORE EPISODES RIGHT NOW?

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