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Month: June, 2013

How To: Make Leftovers Delicious

by Shannon

1. Eat a potroast for dinner that was pretty good, but would have been really good if you weren’t so lazy and actually made gravy or something
2. Put like, 3/4 of it in the fridge because you don’t have time to eat it since you’re late for your bikini waxing appointment
3. Despair about how blagh it will taste for dinner the next night
4. Decide to buy Pillsbury Country Biscuits and make them
5. Fry up said blargh potroast in a frying pan
6. Put now crispy yum yum potroast on said Pillsbury biscuits
7. Add some old cheddar (the actual kind you buy, not the fridge that’s been in your fridge for months. Throw that shit out, man)

How To: Make Yourself Nervous For A Flight

by Shannon

Proceed to stare out the window as it pours rain.

How To: Work the Camping Chic Look

by Rachel

It’s the long weekend! And what better activity to do than to go camping. There are SO many great things about camping; fires, s’mores, spider dogs, drinking, nature… Another great thing about camping that can be overlooked is the sheer comfort of all the things you wear. It’s what we like to call “camping chic”.

I bet you have never heard the term “camping chic” before. That’s because we invented it! Last summer, we and some other girls went on a stellar girls camping weekend. We discussed how comfortable and carefree camping style is. In fact, I think the relaxation of camping is, in part, not caring what you look like!

Examples of camping chic include:

  • Wearing bathing suit bottoms, a shirt and NO PANTS! Pants are just the WORST…
  • Wearing the same thing at least two days in a row
  • Over-sized tee’s and button ups, booty sweat pant shorts and anything mesh
  • Got a hole or stain in your favourite shirt? Don’t throw it out, wear it camping! It’s all part of the look.
  • My personal favourite, going au naturel… no make up and letting your natural hair oils do the all the work. Your beauty regimen involves swimming in the lake to get the surface dirt off. That’s it.

In real life, this might be considered letting yourself go. In camping life, it’s hot hot hot!

I have a quick DIY prepared for my camping trip this weekend.


I got this shirt as a hand me down from my Dad. (Interesting fact, he got it by trading the shirt off his back with a dude, what a deal!).
It’s already pretty good as is for camping, but as you can see, it’s super big and bulky and a little too warm. I love the peace sign so I’m going to add that personal homemade touch, and it will be perfect for camping.

I am going to test it out this weekend and there will be photos of my creation to come. I sure hope it turns out!

And I sure hope everyone has a GREAT Canada Day long weekend!

Give Peace (and oversized peace sign tee’s from your Dad) a Chance!

How To: Annoy Your Husband

by Rachel

Ask him at least once a month to help you move a piece of furniture… or, ask him to help you move three pieces in one day.

I love being married. It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life. -Rita Rudner

How To: Pack For A Weekend Getaway

by Shannon

Seriously, I would love some advice.

Headed to Boston this weekend with OMGmYHuSbAnD!LOVE4EVER and I have no idea what to pack.

Here’s what I’m planning on:

  • Seven pairs of underwear. Sometimes you need a thong, and sometimes you need a regular pair, and sometimes you need a pair that doesn’t ride up your butt no matter what
  • Nine shirts. Sometimes I don’t like the ones I already own so I have to try a different one
  • Four bottles of hair product. I have a lot of hair and stuff
  • One pair of pants. Well come on, it’s not like you wash jeans anyway, amiright

Obviously I’m a really good traveller.

The road goes ever on and on, and I didn’t bring enough to wear

How To: Meet A Canadian Celebrity

by Shannon

Just see them in the subway buying Powerade.

Rock on, Gary Glitter.

All that glitters is Gary

How To: Throw a Tinniversary Party

by Rachel

1. Watch episode 18, season 2 of New Girl; “TinFinity” for inspiration.


2. Make a playlist of all your favourite songs, prepare all your favourite foods, and drink your favourite drinks that you’ve listened to, eaten, and drank in the ten years you’ve been friends.

3. Go to Dollarama and buy a lot of tin foil for decorations.

4. Collect pictures from your friendship, good and bad, and post them for your friends to admire.

5. Talk exclusively about inside jokes that no one else will get, and make them wish they too, have been friends with you for ten years.

6. Dance.

Helpful Tip: do not ask your husbands to help, because they will just shake their heads.


There are big ships and small ships, but the best ship of all is friendship

How To: Convince Yourself To Iron

by Shannon

Sorry. Not sure how I did this one, actually.

How To: Rebrand Your Blog

by Shannon

First of all, use the word brand – it sounds really professional.

Then, get together with your friend who is super great at crafting and shit and also wants to start a blog, and then just do it.


How To: Solve Everything

by Shannon

Make a cup of tea.

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