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Month: August, 2012

How To: Feel Rushed And Frantic

by Shannon

Book a train ticket and see what happens.

How To: Know You Tell Shitty Stories

by Shannon

“I thought I had a chocolate Pop-Tart, but when I opened it, it wasn’t a chocolate Pop-Tart, it was a blueberry Pop-Tart.”

How To: Feel Super Weird

by Shannon

Have a sexy dream about a guy in high school you hardly knew.

How To: Eat Delicious Food

by Shannon

It’s 7:30 and you haven’t eaten dinner yet. Everything is delicious.

How To: Lose Weight

by Shannon

Dismiss all food around you because it’s nowhere near as good as the all-you-can-eat sushi you’re having tonight.

How To: Owe Money

by Shannon

Pay your boyfriend back because the stuff you sold on Kijiji wasn’t exactly yours.

How To: Make Money

by Shannon

Just sell shit on Kijiji, it’s easy.


How To: Be Fiscally Responsible

by Shannon

Decide that no, you won’t go clothes shopping after work, because you are too hungry and would rather eat dinner.

How To: Avoid Making A Fool Of Yourself

by Shannon

Check it.

Before you wreck it.

How To: Veto A Career Choice

by Shannon

Watch your bus driver sweat while he knocks off his front mirror trying unsuccessfully to do a three-point turn in front of a construction site.

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