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How To: Convince Yourself To Iron

by Shannon

Sorry. Not sure how I did this one, actually.

How To: Solve Everything

by Shannon

Make a cup of tea.

How To: Sink Into A Deep, Deep Depression

by Shannon

Try to buy a house. In Toronto.

How To: Really Feel Like A Woman

by Shannon

Use up all your eyeliner before it expires. Or at least, like, use it up before six months past the expiry date has passed.

How To: Make Everything Better

by Shannon

Watch a season of Arrested Development. Or maybe two.

How To: Have A Very, Very Good Bus Ride Home

by Shannon

Board the bus that seems to be vibrating all over the place, and sit in the back.

How To: Feel Like You Lost 10 Pounds

by Shannon

Just buy bigger pants, it’s easy.

How To: Eat A Liquid Diet

by Shannon

Drink chocolate milk. That shit’s like a meal.

How To: Carry A Purse, Without Carrying A Purse

by Shannon

That’s what bras are for, right?

How To: Fall Asleep Easily

by Shannon

Eat a pound of wings and take a long, hot car ride.

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