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How To: Really Enjoy Going To Work

by Shannon

Plant something delicious to eat in your cupboard. Mmm!


How To: Have A Wonderful Welcome Back From Vacation

by Shannon

Those new pens you ordered specially have arrived, and they’re all black and smooth and your writing will be so nice for about three days.

How To: Not Regret Not Having Cable

by Shannon

There’s Twitter now – you don’t need to watch the Oscars live anymore.

How To: Have A Heart Attack

by Shannon

Wait by the phone for news. Keep waiting. Keep waiting. Wait a little longer. Wait some more. Die.

How To: Turn A Good Day Into A Great Day

by Shannon

Have a wonderful lunch to look forward to all morning, and then eat it, and it’s every bit as good as you dreamed.

How To: Have The Best Job Ever

by Shannon

You are specifically asked to surf the Ikea website.

How To: Suddenly Understand Pop Culture References

by Shannon

Watch The Godfather. Whoa! Suddenly everything makes sense.

How To: Make Friends At The Gym

by Shannon

Wipe down your machine afterwards. Otherwise, everyone will hate your guts, and say, “Dick” after you leave, but under their breath, just in case you can kind of still hear them.

How To: Really Impress Your Husband

by Shannon

For Valentine’s Day, shun flowers and teddy bears. Instead, offer to create a beer pairings dinner. Not only will he love you more than he ever has before, but you can get just a little bit weekday drunk in a totally acceptable way.

How To: Really Enjoy Valentine’s Day

by Shannon

I suggest eating some cookies. They really make my day great.

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