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How To: Be Happy AF

by Rachel

First things first, my apologies for my extensive hiatus from this blog. I really have no excuse other than just being a bit miserable… Which delightfully segues into my post today. How to be happy as f*ck!
It’s been a tough couple of years. I was in a crap relationship and felt sad and hopeless a lot of the time. Why? Because I worried too much about literally everyone else but myself. If you’re in a crap situation you have three choices:

1. Stay in it and be miserable. Not ideal.
2. Accept it and become indifferent.
3. Change it for the better and be HAPPY as F*CK!!!

I chose three. I stopped worrying about how bad it would hurt the other person and started thinking how bad it was hurting me by staying. I stopped worrying about how upset my family would be because they loved him so much and thought, I’m with me everyday and I am unhappy, I’m with my family a small fraction of the time and if they can’t handle it well, I don’t have to deal with it nearly as much as I have to deal with myself. The second part of that is never underestimate how much your family loves you (if you have a good one!). Mine ended up being very supportive and totally chill about it. I worried about money, and being on my own, I worried about his traditional family and how they would treat him… It was a non stop crap storm of worry.
Until one day, the ball started rolling. The conversation was had. The relationship was ending and a ray of sunshine burst through the clouds of crap. It was instantaneous from hopeless worrying to looking forward to the future.
So the moral of this blog post is do what you want, do what you NEED, to do to be happy. Because life sucks when you aren’t.

How To: Celebrate Valentine’s Day Without the Romance

by Rachel

I am not your typical romantic. Valentines Day isn’t really a day I think about other than discussing with my husband that we won’t bother doing anything for it. And if he brings me home windshield wipers that night instead roses, well I couldn’t be happier.
My first boyfriend romanced the crap out of me, so either the novelty wore off or I just associate it with him and because of that, I don’t like it.
However, I don’t want to be one of those bitter people who hate love and Valentine’s day, so why not take advantage of the deals at restaurants, and celebrate not just your own relationship, but your friends too: by going on a triple date! This way, you still get the appetizer, 2 entrees and a dessert for $50 a couple but don’t have to endure the awkward dinner for two, longing for each other across the table (gag) with high expectations of the most romantic night ever (ladies). It’s too much pressure! And I think in the end you’ll be a lot more relaxed than your coupley counterparts, and that makes for a good night (wink wink).

Give me all your lovin’, all your hugs and kisses too

How To: Be Inspired To Live A Better Life

by Shannon

I saw the Hunger Games sequel Sunday night. It rocked my world.

The film itself was pretty sweet, and the popcorn, dare I say it, even better. I totally dig Jennifer Lawrence, and Peeta, God, just… Peeta. Am I right?

But man, that film… after it ended, I went on a 10 minute rant and every emotion that is humanly possible to experience just ricocheted around my insides, over and over.

I need to be a better person. There are places in the world that are actually like District 11, you know? And what do I do for them? Do I start a revolution? And Peeta. Man. I love my husband and all (especially since he’s sitting riiight beside me as I write this), but I want a love the way Peeta loves Katniss, you know?! Like, an uncontrollable life or death love! Would I be willing to give up my life for someone? I’d like to say yes, but I’m probably too much of a baby. And Joanna Mason. She doesn’t even like Katniss, but she goes through everything for the bigger picture! I need to travel more! I need to see things! I need to play less Super Mario World! Where is my contribution to humanity?! How can I be better?!

These are all my feelings, or least, like, 10% of them. Everything else was sucked out of me the minute I started reading that stupid movie magazine on the subway home and got distracted by their holiday gift list and thought that I really liked that Middle Earth dress in the catalogue and should I ask my parents for it for Christmas because I bet my Dad would totally buy it for me.

How To: Make Your Own Sushi

by Rachel

Although worth every penny, all you can eat sushi is pretty darn expensive… and little do many people know, it’s pretty easy to make! So get some friends together and make it a party.

All you need to do is…



Photo 1: Buy all the stuff! Sticky rice, roasted seaweed, soy sauce, cucumber, avocado, mango, beef, smoked salmon, crab etc. Whatever you want! Don’t like fish eggs? Don’t buy ’em…

Photo 2: Cook the rice as directed. It should be a wet, sticky consistency. Smear it on the seaweed, and make sure to leave about a half an inch at the edge so when it gets rolled the edge can stick the roll closed.

Photo 3: Put whatever fillings you want! One time, I put sausage, cheese and pickles… not as bad as it sounds.

Photo 4: Roll it towards the empty edge of seaweed! Again, that half inch edge will stick to the outside of the roll to keep it nice and tightly rolled.

Photo 5: Slice it up into delicious bite sized pieces.

Photo 6: Enjoy the heck out of your delicious, homemade sushi, and the money you saved making it. Remember, a little goes a LONG way when making sushi, but also, you can NEVER have too much sushi.

Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.

How To: Love Your New Job

by Shannon

Realize you no longer are required to document your day in 15 minute increments. You can just actually do your work.

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