How To: Make Your Own Sushi

by Rachel

Although worth every penny, all you can eat sushi is pretty darn expensive… and little do many people know, it’s pretty easy to make! So get some friends together and make it a party.

All you need to do is…



Photo 1: Buy all the stuff! Sticky rice, roasted seaweed, soy sauce, cucumber, avocado, mango, beef, smoked salmon, crab etc. Whatever you want! Don’t like fish eggs? Don’t buy ’em…

Photo 2: Cook the rice as directed. It should be a wet, sticky consistency. Smear it on the seaweed, and make sure to leave about a half an inch at the edge so when it gets rolled the edge can stick the roll closed.

Photo 3: Put whatever fillings you want! One time, I put sausage, cheese and pickles… not as bad as it sounds.

Photo 4: Roll it towards the empty edge of seaweed! Again, that half inch edge will stick to the outside of the roll to keep it nice and tightly rolled.

Photo 5: Slice it up into delicious bite sized pieces.

Photo 6: Enjoy the heck out of your delicious, homemade sushi, and the money you saved making it. Remember, a little goes a LONG way when making sushi, but also, you can NEVER have too much sushi.

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