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How To: Make Ugly Things Pretty

by Rachel

I did it. This hideous hideous table is now one of the most beautiful tables I have ever seen.



Super cool table right? Super uncool colours and materials.
So… We did this!



TABLETOP: entirely replaced with pine. Go to a local furniture maker and they can whip up a new table top for ya! This one was $70. Do multiple coats of Minwax Polycrylic for a glossy protected finish.
LEGS: spray painted gold. Gold is the best.
CHAIRS: stripped of the flesh coloured paint (what a bitch!) And repainted with a beautiful Aqua blue. Coated with Minwax Polycrylic for durability.
SEATS: easily recovered right over top of the old.

It was a fair bit of work and time consuming but 110% worth it!

How To: Make a Ruby Gem Piñata!

by Rachel

Piñatas are such a terrific concept. Ridiculous shaped things you get to hit with a stick and candy falls out!
So I made one for Shannon’s holiday party this year.


1. Find yourself some cardboard boxes and cut 4-6 pieces the same size of this shape.


2. As seen, tape the edges together to create a prism.


3. Fill with goodies!


4. For the top cut a piece of cardboard that fits the hole. Poke a metal hanger through the center for a hook.


5. Tape the shit out of it.


6. Cover in red shiny paper (make sure it is paper, foil doesn’t allow the glue to dry, we had a lot of sticky candy).


And huzzah! You have a great, unforgettable party activity!

How To: Make Old Shoes Feel New Again

by Rachel

I am a terrible DIY’er in the sense that I ALWAYS forget to take a before picture.
Imagine a pair of gold metallic heels. They were great the first time I wore them, still good for going to the bar, but have since gotten so scuffed up I didn’t like to wear them anymore. So, I bedazzled with a bit of glue, glitter and glaze: the 3 gl’s.
Step 1: Use a paint brush to spread your glue
Step 2: Pour copious amounts of glitter on. Make sure you have a large piece of paper or magazine under so its easy cleanup. Lightly tap stray glitter so it sticks.
Step 3: Get a brush on glaze to put a shiny coat over top and to help prevent a glitter trail everywhere you go.

Just in time for holidays I have some new beautiful glittered heels!


Glitter is my favourite colour

How To: Spray Paint!

by Rachel

It doesn’t just involve pressing a button and spraying shit down…

In the past few years I have developed somewhat of an obsession (it’s really the only word to describe it) for spray painting things. It just does such an amazing job of making old junk look waaaaaaaaaaay better and there are so many colours out there you could paint your chair aqua and your lamp red and your stool coral and… many many other things.

My number one tip: READ THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE CAN! Really, I could just end it there because all you need to know is on there.

I’ve spray painted in temperatures below 10 degrees, above 30 and with high humidity. It doesn’t work.

I’ve tried just loading on the spray paint without primer. It doesn’t work.

I’ve tried just shaking the can for 10 seconds instead of 2 minutes. It doesn’t work.

I’ve tried not prepping the surface. It doesn’t work.

I’ve tried spray painting in a non-ventilated area thinking “it won’t be that bad”. It is.

So, in conclusion:

  • Make sure it’s not too hot and not too cold. The paint will do weird things on the surface.
  • Always prime. I prefer a separate primer for metals, plastics and woods that are already finished. 2 in 1 is good for raw wood.
  • SHAKE THE CAN! Just do it. 2 minutes. Put it on a timer (and shake a bit as you go too!).
  • For any wood that’s already finished, give it a bit of a sand just to rough up the surface. The primer will stick better, and thus, the paint will stick better too. Make sure to clean off all the dust, dirt and sticky stuff for a nice smooth finish!
  • If you can’t be in a very well ventilated area, wear a mask. It’s so worth it.
  • Furthermore, make sure your space is well lit! So many times I have spray painted something in my dark garage, got it in the house and situated, then a month later see that I missed spots and it drives me crazy! ESPECIALLY furniture.
  • And lastly, so far, my favourite spray paint and primer is Rustoleum Painter’s Touch.

So before you decide to spray paint, go through the list and be prepared to do all of these things or you may never spray paint again.

Happy Spray Painting!

Wake up and be awesome




How To: Work the Camping Chic Look

by Rachel

It’s the long weekend! And what better activity to do than to go camping. There are SO many great things about camping; fires, s’mores, spider dogs, drinking, nature… Another great thing about camping that can be overlooked is the sheer comfort of all the things you wear. It’s what we like to call “camping chic”.

I bet you have never heard the term “camping chic” before. That’s because we invented it! Last summer, we and some other girls went on a stellar girls camping weekend. We discussed how comfortable and carefree camping style is. In fact, I think the relaxation of camping is, in part, not caring what you look like!

Examples of camping chic include:

  • Wearing bathing suit bottoms, a shirt and NO PANTS! Pants are just the WORST…
  • Wearing the same thing at least two days in a row
  • Over-sized tee’s and button ups, booty sweat pant shorts and anything mesh
  • Got a hole or stain in your favourite shirt? Don’t throw it out, wear it camping! It’s all part of the look.
  • My personal favourite, going au naturel… no make up and letting your natural hair oils do the all the work. Your beauty regimen involves swimming in the lake to get the surface dirt off. That’s it.

In real life, this might be considered letting yourself go. In camping life, it’s hot hot hot!

I have a quick DIY prepared for my camping trip this weekend.


I got this shirt as a hand me down from my Dad. (Interesting fact, he got it by trading the shirt off his back with a dude, what a deal!).
It’s already pretty good as is for camping, but as you can see, it’s super big and bulky and a little too warm. I love the peace sign so I’m going to add that personal homemade touch, and it will be perfect for camping.

I am going to test it out this weekend and there will be photos of my creation to come. I sure hope it turns out!

And I sure hope everyone has a GREAT Canada Day long weekend!

Give Peace (and oversized peace sign tee’s from your Dad) a Chance!

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