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How To: Live 10 Years Longer

by Shannon

Just hang out with your best friend. You’ll both instantly revert to yourselves when you were in high school, which means you’re essentially gaining another 10 years. Right?

How To: Realize Your Husband Is Not Your Friend

by Shannon

You tell him that the reason you couldnt wait until he left the house Friday night was because you wanted to Google the lyrics to Gorillaz “Clint Eastwood” and rap along, and he just laughs at you, then laughs even harder when you tell him you did it six times.

A real friend would understand, and offer to do the chorus with you, am I right?

I got sunshine in a bag

How To: Get Really Excited About The Weekend

by Shannon

Can you say Slumber Party?!

What’s Yo’ Beef Friday #1

by Shannon

Hey friends. You might have noticed that this is the first post to shake off the “How To” theme. And well, that’s because ain’t nobody gotta tell you how to share yo’ beef.

What’s Yo’ Beef came about one morning after Rachel and her husband came up to stay. When Liam, my husband, gets super hungover, he somehow goes into robo-hilarity mode and is manic and silly and annoying to everyone else with headaches and puke vibes. However, it’s really funny. Anyway, that morning we were all complainy except for him, so he kept asking us all what our beefs were, and we all had to share them whenever he pointed at us. It was more fun than it should have been. So, in light of this great moment in history, we introduce you to…



My beef, is when you’re trying to buy a house in downtown Toronto, and you want it really big, and really nice, and lots of bedrooms, and parking for your friends, and a yard, and a finished basement, and a nice kitchen, and maybe a third floor, and not in Mimico, and other people keep outbidding you and you don’t have a house. COME ON!


When you get a revenue report that isn’t accurate, so you try to simply straighten it out with the boss, and it turns into a day long of emails between multiple administrative people and just becomes entirely more complicated than it should have been in the first place. COME ON!

So, what’s yo’ beef?


How To: Publicly Thank Your BFF

by Shannon

Thank you, Rachel, for letting Liam and I borrow your car yesterday. Our empties pile is now at a reasonable level that does not make us look like the alcoholics we probably are.

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