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How To: Be Really Hungover On a Sunday

by Rachel

Watch “The World’s End” and despite the crazy plot twists allow it to inspire you to take the Golden Mile challenge: 12 pints at 12 pubs (or just 12 drinks if beer ain’t your thing). You will have one helluva fun night worth the pain in the morning.

How To: Play Holiday Kings

by Rachel

Rachel and I co-hosted a holiday party in Toronto this past weekend, and it was pretty kick-ass. In addition to an awesome dreidle-pinata, a James Ready chug-off every half-hour, and being bombarded with a What’s Yo Beef board, advent calendar, and name-drop immediately upon entry, we made up this amazing version of Kings. Let’s just say, it was a hit.

A: Everybody drinks. Because it’s Christmas.
2: For Jews. Don’t worry if you think we’re being all racist, just wait until #4 and relax.
3: Treat Yo’self to 3 drinks.
4: For Goys. See? Now, just take a deep breath, and remember that we’re good people and we love everyone, not matter if they pray to God, G-d, or Keanu Reeves.
5: Give the gift of 5 drinks. Assign other players 5 drinks… You can give all five to one person, one to five different people and everything in between. Don’t forget to sing this like you’re singing the 12 Days of Christmas’ “5 Golden Rings” line.
6: Pretend to eat another player’s leg like it’s a turkey drumstick. Take a drink to wash it down.
7: Point to the North Pole! This is essentially Thumbmaster, where the person who gets this card can point to the North Pole whenever they want, and everyone has to follow suit. The last person has to drink.
8: 8 crazy nights – give 8 drinks.
9: Talk like Santa. This is way funnier than you think. Take a drink.
10: Sit on someone’s lap like Santa and tell them what you wish for. ‘Santa’ takes a drink.
J: Pretend you are opening a present that you don’t like. Take a drink.
Q: Santa Baby seduction: choose someone to sing Santa baby while you lip sync and dance for another player. Both players take a drink.
K: Wears the Santa Beard! Make or buy a white beard and whoever picks a King wears it until the next person picks a King. Take a drink.

How To: Freak Yourself Out

by Shannon

Plan a holiday party when you actually have zero time to, you know, clean your house, prepare the Jello shots, make chain link decorations, plan your impromptu dance routine, and everything else that obviously makes a good party.

How To: Throw a Tinniversary Party

by Rachel

1. Watch episode 18, season 2 of New Girl; “TinFinity” for inspiration.


2. Make a playlist of all your favourite songs, prepare all your favourite foods, and drink your favourite drinks that you’ve listened to, eaten, and drank in the ten years you’ve been friends.

3. Go to Dollarama and buy a lot of tin foil for decorations.

4. Collect pictures from your friendship, good and bad, and post them for your friends to admire.

5. Talk exclusively about inside jokes that no one else will get, and make them wish they too, have been friends with you for ten years.

6. Dance.

Helpful Tip: do not ask your husbands to help, because they will just shake their heads.


There are big ships and small ships, but the best ship of all is friendship

How To: Feel Attractive

by Shannon

Be the only girl at the party.

How To: Know When You Are Very Cool

by Shannon

Have a really, really good time at your future brother-in-law’s Star Trek-themed LAN party.

Like, a really, really good time.

I’m a really good Captain.

How To: Make Friends With Your Future Brother-In-Law

by Shannon

Attend his Star Trek-themed LAN party.

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