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How To: Question Your Sanity

by Shannon

Should I have déjà-vu from all these Instagram posts?

Or wait… can I just see the future now? Did the doctors use some kind of new material for my c-section stitches and now I’m… am I a superhero?

Oh. Wait.

I just already saw these posts at 3 a.m. when I was breastfeeding.

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, it’s possibly my own fault because I wasn’t really paying attention the first time.

How To: Get Really Mad At Your Husband

by Shannon

Have a dream where he stole your engagement ring and made a nose-ring out of it, and then stole your actual nose-ring too.

What a jerk.

How To: Be Craaaazy Stressed Out

by Shannon

Work a full time job and plan your wedding at the same time.

How To: Wonder If You’re Crazy

by Shannon

Go to the bathroom and be all like Where are my pants? Then realize you’re not even wearing pants, you’re wearing a dress.

How To: Go Caarazzzzy

by Shannon

Rearrange your furniture!

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