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How To: Survive After a Long Weekend Road Trip

by Rachel

Just eat all the leftover car snacks you bought and didn’t eat. Who needs groceries?

How To: Make A Fancy Snack

by Shannon

I used to work in Public Relations, and one of my clients was Loblaws. I loved working for those guys, and one of the best perks was a holiday “gift” they gave us, where we attended a class at their Maple Leaf Gardens locations and learned to make some kick-ass food with Chef Maria.

We made a few dishes, but the one that really stuck with me was easy, delicious, and pretty damn fancy. Here’s the gist:


  • Sliced Baguette
  • Black Label Cherry Shiraz Jam
  • Sliced Granny Smith Apples
  • Old Cheddar Cheese
  • Maple Syrup
  • Oil

First, spread some oil lightly over your slices of baguette, and throw them in the oven until they just start to get crispy. I’m not going to tell you for how long, or at what temperature, it’s not rocket science. (It’s probably around 350 degrees and for 6 minutes, for those of you who freak out and follow recipes to the T. COUGH my husband.)

Take them out, and spread each slice with a bit of the jam. You could probably use any jam for this, but the Black Label really makes a difference. Then, place your thinly sliced apples on top, add some cheese, and very lightly drizzle the maple sizzurp over everything. Put back in the oven until the cheese is melted to your pleasure.

Eat, and enjoy. Perfect for fancy parties, impressing your boyfriend’s parents, or just to you know, treat yo’self.


How To: Make Perfectly Popped Pop Corn

by Rachel

I used to pop stove top popcorn on the regular, but in the last few years I lost my pop corn popping touch; I burnt it, had too many kernels and often got soggy popcorn. Popcorn changed, I changed… but I have been taught the proper, scientific way of popping stove top popcorn AND have had great success twice in a row. This is a step by step guide, stressing important tidbits.

1. You need about half an inch of oil. Do not skimp on the oil! This causes burning.
2. Heat the oil on high for a couple minutes, and be sure to use an oil with a high smoking temperature like sunflower, safflower or canola.
3. Take the oil off the burner and put a single layer of kernels on the bottom of the pot in the oil. Let the kernels heat up to the oil temperature for a minute before putting it back on the heat.
4. Put a piece of paper towel or newspaper over the top of the pot and put the lid on top of the paper. This prevents steam from dripping onto the popcorn.
5. The tricky part comes next… When to take the popcorn off the heat. I wait until there are few seconds between single pops… I always end up with a few kernels left because I am too paranoid it will burn. Kernels are better than burnt popcorn.
6. Pour lots of salt on and put it into a bowl, allowing it to cool a bit for the best crunch.

Its seriously delicious.

Add on: you can melt toffee in the double boiler. Add a small bit of coconut oil and milk to make the toffee liquid. Pour it on the popcorn and mix it up. And add chocolate chips… If you want.


How To: Realize You Are Stuck In Your Early 20’s

by Shannon

You open the cupboard for a snack, but all you have is alcohol of every kind.

How To: Give To Others

by Shannon

Donate blood. It doesn’t cost you any money, you get free snacks, they check your blood pressure for you to make sure your job isn’t as stressful as you think it is and giving you heart issues, and oh yeah, you help save lives.

A man who is good enough to shed blood for his country, is good enough to receive some Bits N’ Bites afterwards

How To: Really Enjoy Going To Work

by Shannon

Plant something delicious to eat in your cupboard. Mmm!

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