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How To: Feel Like You Lost 10 Pounds

by Shannon

Just buy bigger pants, it’s easy.

How To: Tell If Your Boyfriend Is Lying To You

by Shannon

He says he didn’t puke from being really drunk last night, but you know puke when you smell it.

How To: Have Great Taste In Music

by Shannon

Talk about Adele, and Florence and the Machine and stuff, and then YouTube all Rihanna’s songs at work so no one ever has to know.

How To: Sing Along To Songs You Don’t Know The Words To

by Shannon

Just move your head really fast when you’re dancing and no one will notice that you’re not singing actual words.

Note: This works for slow songs too, but you’ll look really weird.

How To: Get A Seat On The Subway

by Shannon

Eat a lot of sushi at lunch, then go for a ride. People will assume your bulging stomach means you’re pregnant, and give up their seat for you.

Hold your stomach and look half nauseous, half glowing for more immediate action.

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