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How To: Get Excited For Work

by Shannon

Pack an excellent lunch.

I can hardly sleep the night before!

Ask not what you can do for mankind, but what’s for lunch

How To: Dirty Less Dishes

by Rachel

One bowl, 3 meals.

Cereal for breakfast.
Rinse bowl.
Cereal bowl becomes lunch soup bowl.
Rinse bowl.
Soup bowl becomes dinner stir fry/pasta bowl.

Also works with plates.

Less dishes, less dishwashing, more energy saved.

How To: Sprain Your Ankle

by Shannon

Fall down because you’re pretending you can’t walk anymore because you’re so hungry because someone scheduled two meetings during your regular lunchtime.

How To: Turn A Good Day Into A Great Day

by Shannon

Have a wonderful lunch to look forward to all morning, and then eat it, and it’s every bit as good as you dreamed.

How To: Get A Seat On The Subway

by Shannon

Eat a lot of sushi at lunch, then go for a ride. People will assume your bulging stomach means you’re pregnant, and give up their seat for you.

Hold your stomach and look half nauseous, half glowing for more immediate action.

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