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Month: January, 2013

How To: Increase Your Blood Pressure

by Shannon

Try and book an all-inclusive vacation online for multiple people.

How To: Lose Weight

by Shannon

I guess just look really fat when you meet people, because the next time you meet them and you’re all normal, they’ll tell you lost a tonne of weight, and your self-confidence will soar.

How To: Become A Contortionist

by Shannon

Be amazed at how your lower body can writhe in never-before-seen ways, as your dentist continues to drill at your teeth.

How To: Live A Better Life

by Shannon

Don’t buy pants without trying them on first. You will always regret it.

How To: Get A Great Morning’s Sleep

by Shannon

Just have it be Saturday and don’t go to work!

How To: Enjoy Yourself Immensely

by Shannon

Have your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/significant other/roomate work late and not be home for dinner, then have the most delicious dinner there ever was, and don’t even feel bad that you spilt bread dipper all over your shirt, which wasn’t even actually a shirt, it was pajamas and it was only 6:30 p.m.

How To: Feel Bad About Candy

by Shannon

You just opened up a cool pack of Twizzlers shaped like hockey skates, but someone you work with comes along and wants to trade for Swedish Berries. You don’t even like Swedish Berries, but what are you going to do, not have friends at work?

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