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How To: Avoid Hangovers

by Rachel

OK, it might be fluke, but I think I may have figured out the anti-hangover ritual for a night of drinking. It has worked twice now and here is how it goes:

Take a multi B vitamin just before drinking, along with vitamin C (I recommend Emergen-C drink crystals, because then you get hydration too). A fatty dinner helps too to line your stomach and protect it from acidity.

Just drink. You can throw in a glass of two of water, obviously that never hurts. And if the setting is right, sweat it out! I always find dancing helps because a) you drink less and b) I, personally, am a sweaty beast when I dance so I think it helps get rid of some toxins. Its super gross but totally worth it!

Eat lots of carrots, bananas, drink coconut water and more emergen-C and water. You’ll be just fine 🙂

Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together – Elizabeth Taylor

What’s Yo’ Beef #24

by Rachel


Its Friday, and this week I have had this unexplained feeling of uneasiness. I have no idea what it is! Its like the feeling you get if you’ve done something wrong and are feeling bad about it (which I did not!), or like something bad is going to happen. It’s the worst!


Hm. Today is Valentine’s Day, and also my engageversary, and I had a pretty great lunch, so I’m not feeling super beefy today.

A small beef, but an ongoing one for me, is getting up to get stuff. I sit at a desk all day for work, so I know it’s healthier for me to get up and move around and stuff, but sometimes I just don’t feel like getting up to go to the bathroom, or get more water, or get something from the printer, you know? I wish I could just teleport somewhere sometimes. Teleportation, where are you?!

How To: Hike Up Your Water Bill

by Shannon

Spend about 45 minutes in the shower detangling some weird dreadlock that’s been growing in your hair that you had no idea about.

How To: Be Effective

by Shannon

Clean the bathtub AND yourself while you’re in it.

Two birds. One stone.

How To: Delight Your New Landlord

by Shannon

Tell him that your dishwasher has been leaking without you noticing, and the floorboards are now waterlogged and splitting.

He’ll be thrilled.

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