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How To: Really Test Your Relationship

by Shannon

Stay in a hotel. We guarantee there won’t be a fan in the bathroom, because why would you want a fan in a bathroom when the person you’re staying with is ten feet away and maybe you have to poo, or they have to poo, or someone pukes because they’re hungover or maybe you just don’t want them to hear your amazing shower rendition of Macy Gray’s I Try.

Friend, lover, or grandparent, we guarantee, this will accelerate your relationship by 15 years.

I try to say goodbye and I choke, I try to walk away but I stumble because you left your shoes in the doorway yet again.

How To: Feel Like A Real Human Being (Finally)

by Shannon

This summer was the summer of being selfish. I did what I want, when I wanted to, and I did it with ease. Before you condemn me, however, it was selfish in a good way, a healthy way.

I met my now-husband in first year university, and after graduating, I went right into more school, and then an internship, and then a job. I’ve always been responsible in that sense. And it’s really boring.

So this summer, I said eff this shiz and explored. I went to New York with my best friend – multiple times. I went on a road trip to the middle of nowhere, I went to concerts, I didn’t clean my apartment, and I let my hair get really tangly. It felt amazing. And part of me really wishes I could live like that forever.

But my plants kind of started dying this summer. I never did iron that shirt I really like, it’s still sitting in the spare room, waiting for me. I didn’t buy new headphones like I wanted, and I just basically didn’t get a lot done.

This past week, I’ve been a grown-up. I’m cleaning, I’m spending more time working, and I went for a (very, very short) run this morning. And that feels good too.

Finding that balance between being a responsible adult, and someone who does not suck is really hard. And there will still be days when I blow caution to the wind and hop on a plane somewhere, or I just decide to be a huge lazy bum and do dick-all. But hopefully I can balance that with getting my shit done as well. So the better I work at that… you know… the better.

How To: Avoid Making a Travel Scrapbook

by Rachel

I have been making scrapbooks pretty much my entire life… And I am pretty sick of it. The last trip scrapbook I made took sooo freakin’ long and I haaated making it.
A whole new world (world of Pinterest… Ugh that’s two posts now that rely on pinterest) of scrapping that has been opened up to me. Decorative boxes… Seriously. I love boxes… And I want more in my house.
I recently went to England and just finished my scrapbox… And I am incredibly satisfied.


Dollarama has plain unfinished wood boxes. I painted mine white, stamped England on the front, put an Instagram photo from the trip on top, and glazed the shit out of it.


The inside is full of treasures and a list of cities we went to.
How ’bout that.

How To: End Off a Trip to England Right

by Rachel

A surprise birthday party in London, a pint at The World’s End, and The Inbetweeners Movie. I am going to miss this place.

How To: Outsmart Your Dad

by Shannon

While eating dinner at The Mongolian Grill.

Dad: So, to prepare you for your trip to Amsterdam, I thought we should go Dutch on the bill.

You: But Dad, we’re not in Amsterdam, we’re in Mongolia.

Dad proceeds to pay for dinner.

When the going gets tough, the tough ask for help from their Dads, because Dads are awesome.

How To: Make Poor Travel Decisions

by Shannon

Start planning your international trip only three weeks out, and then realize that you didn’t book off nearly enough to do everything you wanted, because it’s Europe man, and there’s a lot of cool shit to see.

How To: Have a Good Experience at the Passport Office

by Rachel

Expect the worst. Like, the absolute worst… Hour long+ line ups, cramped seating, grumpy clerks, and being sent home because you forgot the correct documents. Then, when the wait time is only 15 minutes, your clerk is very nice, you brought everything you need and find out that they now offer ten year passports for a killer deal (meaning, you don’t have to go back for 10 years AND it saves you money!), you’ll walk out feeling great, because it was better than you expected.

How To: Make Yourself Nervous For A Flight

by Shannon

Proceed to stare out the window as it pours rain.

How To: Fall Asleep Easily

by Shannon

Eat a pound of wings and take a long, hot car ride.

How To: Realize There’s A Black Cloud In Every Silver Lining

by Shannon

The day before you’re supposed to head to Cuba, you wake up with a weird eye infection thingy. Hurray!

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