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How To: Make All Your Teachers Proud

by Shannon

Realize there’s an error on your wedding invites, and personally adjust every single one of them by hand. Grammar’s my bitch.


How To: Be Craaaazy Stressed Out

by Shannon

Work a full time job and plan your wedding at the same time.

How To: Regret Only One Tiny Thing About Your Wedding

by Shannon

It’s not a Seinfeld-themed wedding.



How To: Not Act Surprised

by Shannon

Go around the corner to gasp in surprise when you discover the level of excitement he’s exhibiting over shopping for wedding clothes.

How To: Appear Exceptionally Generous

by Shannon

Purchase a gift card for someone with a collection of money from a group of people.

The salesperson will think you’re a generous, kind-hearted squillionaire. Plus, you’ll get lots of Scene points on your credit card.

How To: Tell If Anti-Burn Cream Is Effective

by Shannon

Burn off all the hair on your arm while trying to light your Coleman stove.

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