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Month: September, 2013

How To: Die Of Anticipation

by Shannon

Breaking Bad is slowly, but surely, being uploaded to your television set. Series finale. You’re in love with Jesse. Not like, in love-in love, but you just really like him and that’s okay. You also kind of think Todd is pretty cool, because even though he kills people he seems very nice and thoughtful and you’re totally into seeing how this crush on Lydia plays out.


How To: Have A Lovely Weekend

by Shannon

I hate to say it, but for this week’s post, step one is having your husband go away for the weekend, like on an annual sports trip with his Dad, or moose hunting or something.

Then, hang out with friends Friday night – maybe at a special Shabbat Shalom Birthday Dinner? Make sure you ask them to print out the Kiddish words, so you can sing along. It’s really fun, educational, and challah bread is so damn delicious.

Proceed to do some cleaning on Saturday, watch the end of Girls, season two, go shopping and buy some stuff, and then make yourself a fabulous dinner and have all the snacks you want.

Have a wonderful sleep with all the blankets because there’s no one telling you the comforter makes him “too hot” in September, and sleep with all the blinds open to take advantage of your amazing Toronto view and glass walls, because it won’t wake you up, because you have your eye mask on that you have to sleep with because your optometrist says you sleep with your eyes a little bit open and dust and shit fly in there at night. When you wake up, it will be glorious.

Sure, you have to do work the next day, but just work it baby, work it. You deserve this special, special weekend.

How To: Feel Good About Yourself

by Rachel

Set some small daily goals and actually work to fulfill them. 30km on my bike today… I owe it to the carb loading!

Harder better faster stronger

What’s Yo’ Beef #7

by Rachel

There’s still 4 hours of what’s yo’ beef Friday! What’s yo’ beef?


My beef is when its Friday night and you’re feeling alright, work is done, and then you realize you have to get up at 6am on Saturday and do a bike race. That’s a lot of work. Why do I do this to myself? COME ON!


My beef is a common beef today, friends. It’s when you’re making pasta, and you’d like to add some tomato or cream sauce – but how much pasta should you add for one jar of sauce? What is the optimal pasta to sauce ratio? I’m not a rocket science, I have a theatre degree. Why is there not a solution for this difficult problem yet? COME ON!

How To: Carb Load!

by Rachel

Yes! Finally a a great excuse to eat soooo much bread and pasta… and cookies… I hope.

I have an 8 hour relay bike race this weekend. I have done a few and ALWAYS feel so tired after just two laps. This time, I am aiming for 3, totalling 30km, and this time, I am making a conscious effort to eat a lot of carbs leading up to the race.

So, why carb load? Because your body can only store enough glycogen/energy for 90 minutes of exercise (which happens to be about 2 laps of this bike race, and when I get tired). There are sports drinks and gels (gross) that can give you a temporary spike in energy, but the best approach is to carb load 3 days before an event to maximize energy.

How many carbs should I eat? You’ll have to do the math on this one. On an average day a person would eat 5-7g/kg of body weight. On a carb loading day, up it to 8-10g/kg of body weight.

What to eat you ask? For meals, eat a lot of whole grains; bread with peanut butter, oatmeal, whole wheat pasta, chicken and brown rice. For a snack, think a bit simpler; bread and honey, energy bars, and rice cakes with jam. The sugary bits gives the quick boost you might need during the race or between laps. Add protein to your meals in order to slow the digestion of carbs. This makes them last longer, which is good for endurance type events.

Here is where I got my information, and you can learn more,

Carb Loading!

I want to eat carbs without wanting to kill myself! -The Holiday

How To: Never Get Anything Done

by Rachel

Work 5 days a week. Honestly, continuing on with last weeks beef, working 5 days a week is new for me and I don’t know how people do it. High fives to all you people working Monday to Friday, because I’m probably going to quit soon.

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere

How To: Stay Up Super Late

by Shannon

Just promise yourself that you’ll get your entire presentation done before you’re allowed to watch the season finale of Breaking Bad. You’ll be up all night if you have to, dammit.

How To: Just Know It’s Going To Be A Good Day

by Shannon

Make hot chocolate this morning because you ran out of tea and have already decided it’s a no pants kind of Sunday so you’re not going out to get some, then watch as suddenly, suddenly, two little marshmallows float to the top, even though you thought this was just regular, non-marshmallow hot chocolate.

Today is a good day.

Saw the lights of the Goodyear Blimp, and it read: Ice Cube’s a Pimp

How To: Realize You Had A Great Night

by Shannon

You wake up in the morning and find a hammer in your bag and think, “It wasn’t a dream.”

However, the part where the radio hosts came up to you and said you had a great voice for radio definitely was, because you asked someone if it happened and they thought you were ridiculous.

How To: Throw A Nation Themed Party – Cuba Edition

by Rachel

I love countries. Unfortunately, I have only been to two other ones other than Canada: U.S. and Cuba. I have never gone anywhere super cool in the states, but Cuba, by golly, it’s great there! So after our February best friend couple trip to Cuba in February, we decided this summer, we’d bring Cuba to Canada and have a ballin’ Cuba themed party at my pool friend’s pool. All you have to do is EVERYTHING CUBA! Examples:

DRINKS: We won a couple bottles of Cuban rum, what up? It was like we were THERE! I shall include the fat Cuban cigar we acquired while there too. Goes down… smooth?

FOOD: We tried to go as tropical as possible given the limitations in Canada. Pineapple was the closest we could get, but since we ate a lot of mini pizza’s when we were there, we had some homemade mini pizza’s. Also sausage, since they eat a lot of pig down there. Ok, so the food thing was a little tough with this country since they try to serve North American food at the resorts.

ACTIVITIES: We had really awesome entertainment staff at the resort so we played all kinds of games that they made up for us, including water balloon volleyball and knocking down cups of water with a tennis ball. We also did the limbo! Also, those short 11am dance lessons sure came in handy for our Cuba party too.

DECOR: The flag of the celebrated country is really the only thing you need to do. But we also put up some English to Spanish translated phrases for fun! Ola! Como Estas?  YO soy buena! Tiene bonitos abs.

MUSIC: We had a couple of cd’s from the house bands of the resorts we’ve been too, and I downloaded 40 of the top Cuban hits from iTunes for $5.99! Can’t go wrong…

COSTUMES/DRESS: Obviously, it was bathing suits and beach cover ups for this party. I don’t even know why I take clothes to Cuba.

Limbo! Ola! flags and limbo!

Next themes on the docket: Germany and Canada!

Me encanta Cuba! ❤

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