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How To: Keep Fit and Have Fun

by Rachel

I cannot rave enough about the fitness app My Fitness Pal by Under Armour. I have never had such an easy experience losing weight, to the point where I have accidentally lost beyond my original goal. To my surprise and delight, I am currently three pounds less than my original goal!
The key aspects I have found most helpful are:
1. It has taught me about the underlying habits in reaching the goals as opposed to just the goal itself.
2. It is much, much easier to get back into a routine with this app after holidays/trips etc that make it so hard to get back in the swing of things.
3. The numbers. Seeing the numbers in front of my face are all I need. Seeing I only have 100 calories left means I only eat 100 more calories for a bedtime snack and then I know I am done.
4. I exercise more because I want to eat more… And that’s good for all parts of the body.

Guys, if you need to, try it. Give it a few days to make it a habit because it does take time to enter your info but is very, very worth it.

What’s Yo’ Beef #23

by Shannon


Today’s beef is brought to you by metabolism. Basically, I just wish I could eat a lot more and not turn into a fatty. I’m surprised that with evolution and science (BFFs), we haven’t figured something out where we can just eat as much delicious food as we want, not have to exercise, and still look like superstars. I know some people actually like exercising, and I’m a big fan of playing sports, but man, that’s for fun, not for fitness. Slaving away on an eliptical because I happened to eat six brownies does not a fun time make. And so, lack of a super metabolism, you, my non-friend, are my beef.

Heyo! I hear that metabolism beef loud and clear… But my beef today is when mice come into your house, uninvited, eat your aloe, lip balm and apples, but when you put a nice chunk of cheese in a trap they aren’t interested. Do mice even like cheese, anymore than say, lip balm? Is it a proven fact or are we getting our information from Saturday morning cartoons? Or, do I just have a hyper intelligent mouse who knows it’s a trap, because they have never changed in a hundred years… COME ON!

How To: Realize How Pathetic You Are

by Shannon

Be unable to run an entire week after playing sports. Seriously, how out of shape are you, Body? A two-step sprint has rendered you utterly useless and embarrassed.

The only solution? A nice pint of Sam Adams before bed to drown your sorrows in.

What’s Yo’ Beef #14

by Shannon


Guys, first off, let me just say how much I’m really enjoying getting all these beefs off my back. I feel like I’m living pretty close to the edge of full-blown freak outs, like, all the time, so I really think this has been an effective coping mechanism for my life.

Back to my beef. This week’s beef is dedicated to physical activity. I joined a (flag) football league with my work, and man, I’m just dying. I can’t lift my legs, I feel like 400 pounds, and my entire body aches. Come on, Body, I’m trying to do something awesome for you! The least you could do is not respond like I’m punishing you. Can’t we help each other out here? The second-day-after body aches after working out, I say to you: suck it.


I have a bit of an observational beef today. Its nothing that outwardly bothers me, or frustrates me, or affects me physically, just something I see that gives me a weird feeling. I don’t mean to offend anyone, but what’s the deal with men driving minivans? I see it, and it just looks so unnatural to me and slightly emasculating. It might be because I don’t like minivans to begin with, or that I hang out with a lot of manly men who own large trucks… Probably both. But man, convenience aside, it just weirds me out.

How To: Really Gauge That You’re Out Of Shape

by Shannon

You’d like a sip of your wine but then you’d have to get up and reach for it instead of lying prostrate on your couch.

How To: Go To The Gym

by Shannon

Just look at a photo of yourself wearing short-shorts. You’ll go.

How To: Make Friends At The Gym

by Shannon

Wipe down your machine afterwards. Otherwise, everyone will hate your guts, and say, “Dick” after you leave, but under their breath, just in case you can kind of still hear them.

How To: Motivate Yourself To Go To The Gym

by Shannon

It’s easy! Just ________________________.


(Please fill in the blank, because I have no idea.)

How To: Arrive At Work Sweat-Free

by Shannon

Do anything other than walk in 35 degree weather.

How To: Eat Healthy

by Shannon

Only eat 3/4 of the marshmallows in your Lucky Charms.

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