What’s Yo’ Beef #23

by Shannon


Today’s beef is brought to you by metabolism. Basically, I just wish I could eat a lot more and not turn into a fatty. I’m surprised that with evolution and science (BFFs), we haven’t figured something out where we can just eat as much delicious food as we want, not have to exercise, and still look like superstars. I know some people actually like exercising, and I’m a big fan of playing sports, but man, that’s for fun, not for fitness. Slaving away on an eliptical because I happened to eat six brownies does not a fun time make. And so, lack of a super metabolism, you, my non-friend, are my beef.

Heyo! I hear that metabolism beef loud and clear… But my beef today is when mice come into your house, uninvited, eat your aloe, lip balm and apples, but when you put a nice chunk of cheese in a trap they aren’t interested. Do mice even like cheese, anymore than say, lip balm? Is it a proven fact or are we getting our information from Saturday morning cartoons? Or, do I just have a hyper intelligent mouse who knows it’s a trap, because they have never changed in a hundred years… COME ON!