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Month: April, 2014

How To: Avoid Hangovers

by Rachel

OK, it might be fluke, but I think I may have figured out the anti-hangover ritual for a night of drinking. It has worked twice now and here is how it goes:

Take a multi B vitamin just before drinking, along with vitamin C (I recommend Emergen-C drink crystals, because then you get hydration too). A fatty dinner helps too to line your stomach and protect it from acidity.

Just drink. You can throw in a glass of two of water, obviously that never hurts. And if the setting is right, sweat it out! I always find dancing helps because a) you drink less and b) I, personally, am a sweaty beast when I dance so I think it helps get rid of some toxins. Its super gross but totally worth it!

Eat lots of carrots, bananas, drink coconut water and more emergen-C and water. You’ll be just fine 🙂

Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together – Elizabeth Taylor

What’s Yo’ Beef #33

by Rachel


This dang heartbleed bug has messed up a lot of websites for me… I can’t do Pinterest (a large part of my blogging) or Etsy, and online banking is a bit dodgy too. Not a huge beef but kind of a bummer.

How To: Reuse a Prematurely Ruined Shirt

by Rachel

Today, while playing an intense game of air hockey, I ripped a big ol’ hole in a perfectly good shirt.

I hadn’t worn it in awhile and was realizing I still really liked it. Bummer.
However, I did just recently buy a giant embroidery hoop for a dollar and have been waiting for the perfect fabric to make some wall art. So I did, in about 5 minutes.


And if I get bored of it, I can switch it the next time I wreck a shirt I really like.

What’s Yo Beef #32

by Shannon


Dude, hasn’t life been just wicked awesome lately? So awesome, that I’m finding it a bit tough to think of beefs. Actually, I guess my one beef kind of comes out of this.

See, I’ve been having just a shit tonne of fun lately. And I feel like I have no one to share it with! I’m not really into phone calls, and sometimes texting or facebook doesn’t do a fantastic story justice, especially since I’m one for details. And really, I just don’t see friends in person enough to get it all out, because something wonderful happens every day, and we are all busy.

Wait, what is this beef even about? Uhhhh me not being a phone person? Not living in a  12-person dorm with all of my closest friends? The last one! Not living with all your friends so you can tell them everything all the time. Come on!


Well, I did have a great Good Friday, hence What’s Yo’ Beef being on Saturday this week… But it was one heck of a Monday to Thursday. I have some SERIOUS tax pain guys… Like couldn’t even sit on my couch tax pain. Those commercials aren’t lying, it’s real and there’s not much you can do about it but wait it out. I could keep going on for ages, but taxes man, COME ON!

How To: Heal Yourself Quicker

by Rachel

Be positive dammit! I treat a lot of Motor Vehicle Accident clients and it is unbelievable the difference in recovery between someone who is positive and compliant, versus someone who is depressed and complaining. I get it, pain sucks, but being a negative Nancy is not going to help and will likely hinder. Send out those positive vibes and   will get positive results.

How To: Redo Furniture for Cheap

by Rachel

I just bought a sewing chair in a bit of rough shape.


But this is like my bread and butter… I love to refurbish shit furniture because old stuff has so much more character/one of a kindness compared to the generic stuff made today. It can get expensive though, so to save money I design the pieces based on what I already have.


See above the finished the product. The paint I used was leftover from our bedroom paint, and the fabric was leftover from another chair I refurbished (actually the whole seat is from that old chair, the frame broke and the seat was perfect size!).
All in all it took about a day and a half and only cost me $20.
Its just so satisfying.

How To: Ruin Your Light Coloured Clothes

by Rachel

Order red wine at a bar. Because you NEVER get jostled and spill shit on yourself at a bar….


This might as well be a beef.

How To: Feel Good About That Third Cup of Coffee

by Rachel


And all is right with the world.

How To: Make Friends On The Streetcar

by Shannon

It’s been a pretty rocking week, so this post is all about finding the silver linings. Specifically, silver linings about people who stink.

Now, I’m super sensitive to stinky people. Not even necessarily bad stinky, but just people who wear a lot of hairspray, or smoke, or whatever. My sense of smell makes up for my lack of fashion sense I guess. Hey-o!

Anyway, I was on the streetcar on my way home, and it was raining, which is problem number one. Everyone smells less good in the rain, on a streetcar.

But worse than that, there was this seriously stinky dude on the streetcar. Not BO, not old-smell, but more like haven’t showered in honestly six years and maybe they’re wearing the same clothes this entire time. Now, this post isn’t about that person’s circumstances, or mental state, or anything like that – I’m not going to get judgy. This is purely about smell.

We all could have been miserable on our way home, but one after another, people just started interacting with each other! And in a good way, which never happens on the TTC!

We were smiling about the situation, opening windows, laughing a bit. Not at the dude, but just about the situation in general.

And you know what? It was nice. It was nice to bond with people over something, and nice that it wasn’t a stalled out streetcar and we were bonding over being pissed off. We were just all in a shitty situation, and making the best of it.

So Toronto, I raise a beer to you. I’m impressed that we were able to pull off being friends, even just for one streetcar home. Way to go, people who stink – you helped make everyone friends!

How To: Annoy Your Husband, Part 2

by Shannon

When you return from a 4-day work trip, just leave your suitcase out on the floor in the living room for a few days.

Bonus if there are still clothes in it you haven’t put away, and your condo is only 640 square feet!

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