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How To: Make Friends On The Streetcar

by Shannon

It’s been a pretty rocking week, so this post is all about finding the silver linings. Specifically, silver linings about people who stink.

Now, I’m super sensitive to stinky people. Not even necessarily bad stinky, but just people who wear a lot of hairspray, or smoke, or whatever. My sense of smell makes up for my lack of fashion sense I guess. Hey-o!

Anyway, I was on the streetcar on my way home, and it was raining, which is problem number one. Everyone smells less good in the rain, on a streetcar.

But worse than that, there was this seriously stinky dude on the streetcar. Not BO, not old-smell, but more like haven’t showered in honestly six years and maybe they’re wearing the same clothes this entire time. Now, this post isn’t about that person’s circumstances, or mental state, or anything like that – I’m not going to get judgy. This is purely about smell.

We all could have been miserable on our way home, but one after another, people just started interacting with each other! And in a good way, which never happens on the TTC!

We were smiling about the situation, opening windows, laughing a bit. Not at the dude, but just about the situation in general.

And you know what? It was nice. It was nice to bond with people over something, and nice that it wasn’t a stalled out streetcar and we were bonding over being pissed off. We were just all in a shitty situation, and making the best of it.

So Toronto, I raise a beer to you. I’m impressed that we were able to pull off being friends, even just for one streetcar home. Way to go, people who stink – you helped make everyone friends!

How To: Almost Cry On The Streetcar

by Shannon

You’re all comfy cozy on the TTC, and just opening your Kobo when you see that you forgot to renew your Game of Thrones book from the library. Now you have nothing to read, and you have to wait until you get home and check-it out again to find out what happened to Jon Snow.

A smart girl always renews her books

What’s Yo Beef #9

by Shannon


Guys, I’ve had such a totally awesome week that today my beef isn’t about shitty people on the TTC, or annoying stuff people do. Nay. It’s about myself guys. And it’s how my brain just doesn’t function well enough to completely memorize all the words to Nicki Minaj’s Superbass. Also, it’s about how it’s not cool to sing out loud at work. Actually, wait, that’s gonna be my beef, I’m switching it up!

I want to sing out loud at work! And I work in a super open concept place, so I can’t do it without looking all weird, especially since I don’t know all the words, as previously mentioned. But I feel it inside me, you know? And I just want to let it go, out into the world. So here’s to singing out loud. I hope all my coworkers read this and are all, “Shannon, we’ve just been waiting for someone to start it off, let’s totally all sing out loud when we want to.”


My beef is not when people say I look tired, because I know its out of concern more than people just being dumb, but the fact that I am a night owl, with terrible sleep patterns. Staying up late for me is like an addiction.

My husband is having a hard time quitting smoking and I always have a hard time understanding why. When I look at my sleep patterns I see similar habits in myself, and have a super hard time changing my ways, so I am slowly beginning to understand. I will think things like ‘OK, starting Monday I am going to start going to bed, lights out, by eleven’… I will do so well for a few days and then the weekend hits, and after that I’m off the wagon. Partying is not good for smokers or night owls to break their habits. Cigarettes make smokers feel like crap, staying up too late makes me feel like crap, yet he smokes on and I keep staying up late watching crappy movies and repeats. I also use it as a reward sometimes… ‘I’ve worked hard all week and tomorrow I have the morning off. I think I’ll stay up late tonight’. Now, its becoming a problem. I’ll have to start working a little harder to quit my habit… But I have a bachelorette and wedding this weekend, so I’ll start Sunday.

What’s Yo’ Beef Friday: #4

by Rachel

Wow, week 4 already of what’s yo’ beef. What’s yo’ beef today?


My beef is super tiny straws. I don’t mean short straws, I mean straws with a small diameter. It ruins the straw drinking experience. COME ON! Give me a super size McDonald’s size straw and I’m happy as a clam.


My beef? I’ll tell ya my beef. You finally cave and get a Kobo and read on the streetcar, and really, you’re all like, Why did I wait so long to do this, this is awesome. Only to look up and realize that you’ve missed your stop, because you were waiting to get off at Ossington, but you forgot that in Toronto along the St. Clair streetcar line, the stop is called Oakwood. Why would they do that? Just keep the street names organized. Seriously.

Got a beef? Go on, leave us a comment. Get it off your chest, and into the interweb.

How To: Have The Best Birthday

by Shannon

Wait 27 years until it aligns perfectly with opening night of Beer Fest. Proceed to spend the entire weekend rocking out in the Moosehead tent, taking your picture with the Hop City Barking Squirrel, and drinking some sweet, sweet brews courtesy of Paulaner, Sam Adams, and Magners Cider.

Add a badass DJ, one sweet jivin’ bluegrass band, and subtract the hangover because you were smart and went back to the office where you had a Hogtown Smoke pulled pork grilled cheese waiting for you and you ate it on the streetcar because it’s your life and you’ll live it the way you want.


How To: Come ThisClose To Puking On The Streetcar

by Shannon

Sit next to the woman eating sour cream and onion chips at 7:45 in the morning.

How To: Meet A Canadian Celebrity

by Shannon

Just see them in the subway buying Powerade.

Rock on, Gary Glitter.

All that glitters is Gary

How To: Have A Very, Very Good Bus Ride Home

by Shannon

Board the bus that seems to be vibrating all over the place, and sit in the back.

How To: Get To Second Base

by Shannon

Ride the subway in morning rush hour. Don’t forget to tell all your friends, or it didn’t really happen.

How To: Get The Most Direct Streetcar Ride

by Shannon

The sign says out of service, but the driver says come on, I’ll drop you off at your stop anyway.

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