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Month: July, 2014

How To: Make the Bus Ride a Little More Enjoyable

by Rachel

Bus wiiiiiiiiiiine. You’ll be drunk by the time you get to your destination and all will be bright with the world. Make sure you have a coffee mug or opaque water bottle.

Is there anything sweeter than wine?

How To: Survive After a Long Weekend Road Trip

by Rachel

Just eat all the leftover car snacks you bought and didn’t eat. Who needs groceries?

What’s Yo’ Beef #46

by Rachel

We’re going vegetarian today everyone… Philly bound to see the Hoochie Coochie Men, bonding with new friends, delicious sandwiches, drinking, partying, sunrises, running up the Rocky steps and a visit to Boyertown!

Life is too good to have beef today.

What’s Yo’ Beef #45

by Rachel

When you wanna cry all the way home from the bank, and you just can’t because your bro is staying with you and you don’t want to look like a pussy. COME ON!

My beef today, is Alberta beef! Its delicious!

How To: Ruin Clothes

by Rachel

I am an inexperienced expert  at this guys. Just take scissors to any piece of clothing in hopes of making it better, and it will probably get worse! Cut your jorts too short, cut off sleeves with too big of arm holes, and take scissors to a chiffon skirt, and I guarantee you, you will never wear that piece of clothing again.

Save your scissors… For crafts and cutting and pasting, because you will probably ruin your clothes.

How To: Make Ugly Things Pretty

by Rachel

I did it. This hideous hideous table is now one of the most beautiful tables I have ever seen.



Super cool table right? Super uncool colours and materials.
So… We did this!



TABLETOP: entirely replaced with pine. Go to a local furniture maker and they can whip up a new table top for ya! This one was $70. Do multiple coats of Minwax Polycrylic for a glossy protected finish.
LEGS: spray painted gold. Gold is the best.
CHAIRS: stripped of the flesh coloured paint (what a bitch!) And repainted with a beautiful Aqua blue. Coated with Minwax Polycrylic for durability.
SEATS: easily recovered right over top of the old.

It was a fair bit of work and time consuming but 110% worth it!

How To: Not Spend Too Much Money on a Night Out

by Rachel

Last night Shannon and I KILLED it at the bar… Without spending a buttload of money. Here’s the tricks:
-Take a set amount of money, we only took $20 each
-Seek out bars that have no cover
-Drink whatever’s on special (we got lucky since a pint of Rickard’s was $5)
-Don’t tip too much… Maybe just leave a tooney at the end of the night (sounds cheap but really? A buck a drink is a lot)
-Prep yourself some snacks so that they are ready and go straight home after the bar… Food really adds up and in a drunken state you will not think about what you are spending

Then go to sleep and wake up the next morning feeling good that you didn’t spend too much and didn’t drink too much!

What’s Yo’ Beef #44

by Rachel


When you don’t know how much dry cleaning costs so you get a Groupon thinking you will save money, and in the end you actually lose $3 because it’s SO EFFING CHEAP! I lost money on a Groupon deal… How does one do that?


Man, so I got a sweet haircut today. Probably the best one I’ve ever had. A woman even tapped on the glass of the haircutting place and mouthed she loved my hair – SERIOUSLY. But now I have nowhere to go! (Okay, I did have a BBQ invite, but I’m headachey so am not going.) Wait. Is this now about haircuts and nowhere to go, or headaches? I can’t decide. Both! Everything!

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