How To: Celebrate Valentine’s Day Without the Romance

by Rachel

I am not your typical romantic. Valentines Day isn’t really a day I think about other than discussing with my husband that we won’t bother doing anything for it. And if he brings me home windshield wipers that night instead roses, well I couldn’t be happier.
My first boyfriend romanced the crap out of me, so either the novelty wore off or I just associate it with him and because of that, I don’t like it.
However, I don’t want to be one of those bitter people who hate love and Valentine’s day, so why not take advantage of the deals at restaurants, and celebrate not just your own relationship, but your friends too: by going on a triple date! This way, you still get the appetizer, 2 entrees and a dessert for $50 a couple but don’t have to endure the awkward dinner for two, longing for each other across the table (gag) with high expectations of the most romantic night ever (ladies). It’s too much pressure! And I think in the end you’ll be a lot more relaxed than your coupley counterparts, and that makes for a good night (wink wink).

Give me all your lovin’, all your hugs and kisses too