How To: Get The Stink Out Of Your Pants

by Rachel

I’ve been hearing lately that you are NOT supposed to wash your jeans, like, ever. Denim is meant to form to the shape of your body and washing ruins that. Not to mention it’s hard on the fabric, so bonus, your jeans will last longer.
There are two circumstances in which you should wash your jeans:
1. If they are sagging
2. If they are visibly dirty

So what do you do if they just stink? I will tell you, and I tell you with the experience of doing it and knowing that it works. Put them in a plastic bag and out them in the freezer for a few hours. The cold kills the stink! Huzzah! But make sure on a cold day to take them out a good half hour before you have to wear them… And on a hot day pull them out and put them on. Fresh AND refreshing.