What’s Yo’ Beef #22

by Rachel

I really hate when people don’t stay on top of shoveling their sidewalk section. We are all in this winter thing together… Let’s work on making it a little more enjoyable for one another. COME ON!
Oh and because I just literally found it, when you drop a chocolate covered raisin in the movie theater and it’s so dark you can’t find it, then it melts all over your pants. Serious inconvenience.

As I sit here typing, having only just finished my work for the evening (yes, it is 10:40 on a Friday night), I’m tempted to say my beef is a crazy work schedule. But, instead, I’m going to go with computers freezing. My work laptop, a few times each day, will just suddenly have programs freeze up entirely, for about a minute. I realize a minute isn’t a long time, but man, I live in a world of now! A minute is detrimental, and really annoying. Get your shit together, computers.