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What’s Yo’ Beef #18

by Rachel


It’s been a “beef with everything” kind of week. MasterCard, online bookings, trip anxiety, snow, hating my job… And then I ran out of tape when I started wrapping gifts yesterday. COME ON!


Dude, your beef just sounds brutal. The important thing to remember is that tonight, we’re hosting the most bomb-ass party ever. So really, my only beef this week is having to sit through a work day when I’m JUST SO PUMPED FOR TONIGHT. Like, listening to Styx all day and Miley Cyrus “We Can’t Stop” on one-hour repeat pumped.


What’s Yo’ Beef #15

by Rachel

First, a relevant non-beef: my phone finally has Yo’ in its memory. And now, for the beefs.


My beef today is when you buy a super cool dress for $2 at a thrift store, spend a lot of time trying to make it fit you by adding flashy back panels, realize things are going surprisingly well (which NEVER happens with my projects, especially sewing projects) and you are getting real excited that it’s almost finished, only to find that there is a tear in the side. Just another thing to crappily sew up. COME ON!


My beef today is waiting. What’s the point?! I get way too excited to wait for anything. For example, Liam and I are planning a holiday party for mid-December. Mid-December! That’s like, three weeks away! I can’t wait that long. I’ve already been planning the music, beer, food, and my dance moves. Or, at my work, we just drew names for our Secret Santa yesterday. I’m already so excited! And it’s still two weeks away! Waiting. What’s the point, amiright?!

How To: Have A Heart Attack

by Shannon

Wait by the phone for news. Keep waiting. Keep waiting. Wait a little longer. Wait some more. Die.

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