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How To: Really Test Your Relationship

by Shannon

Stay in a hotel. We guarantee there won’t be a fan in the bathroom, because why would you want a fan in a bathroom when the person you’re staying with is ten feet away and maybe you have to poo, or they have to poo, or someone pukes because they’re hungover or maybe you just don’t want them to hear your amazing shower rendition of Macy Gray’s I Try.

Friend, lover, or grandparent, we guarantee, this will accelerate your relationship by 15 years.

I try to say goodbye and I choke, I try to walk away but I stumble because you left your shoes in the doorway yet again.


How To: Tell If Your Boyfriend Is Lying To You

by Shannon

He says he didn’t puke from being really drunk last night, but you know puke when you smell it.

How To: Induce Vomitting

by Shannon

Ride every roller coaster Canada’s Wonderland has to offer.

Eat chicken fingers.


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