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How To: Avoid Making a Travel Scrapbook

by Rachel

I have been making scrapbooks pretty much my entire life… And I am pretty sick of it. The last trip scrapbook I made took sooo freakin’ long and I haaated making it.
A whole new world (world of Pinterest… Ugh that’s two posts now that rely on pinterest) of scrapping that has been opened up to me. Decorative boxes… Seriously. I love boxes… And I want more in my house.
I recently went to England and just finished my scrapbox… And I am incredibly satisfied.


Dollarama has plain unfinished wood boxes. I painted mine white, stamped England on the front, put an Instagram photo from the trip on top, and glazed the shit out of it.


The inside is full of treasures and a list of cities we went to.
How ’bout that.


How To: End Off a Trip to England Right

by Rachel

A surprise birthday party in London, a pint at The World’s End, and The Inbetweeners Movie. I am going to miss this place.

How To: Have A Great International Flight

by Shannon

First of all, make sure you’re traveling to an awesome city, like Amsterdam. It’ll make everything seem better.

Then, get to the airport the required 2-3 hours early for your flight, because you kind of like hanging out in airports – there’s so much to do! Try not to be disappointed though when the computers at check-in break down, and you spend that entire time waiting in line. And don’t get too freaked out (re: super pissed) when you’re still waiting in the check-in line past the time they close your gate. And just keep holding on to those warm, fuzzy feelings when you realize that for whatever reason, they’re not seating people together, and you and your husband are sitting in non-beside-each-other seats for your, you know, honeymoon and all.

Proceed to race to the gate and basically just walk right on to the plane. This is where it really starts getting good.

You and your dude are waiting to see who’s seatmate will be willing to switch. Turns out, it’s the guy next to him. Which means – exit row! Extra leg room! Closer to the front of the plane! Only one couple in front of you! This is great news.

Next on the docket for your great flight? Why, it’s free beer, of course, because this is a long flight, and they need to really ply people to get them to chill the hell out. And, you brought your Lime Flavoured Tostitos on the flight, so that’s cool. Proceed to watch Goodfellas, and then read Twilight on your new Kobo, and you don’t care who knows it.

Oh, and don’t forget to get some sleep on your red eye flight. The complementary eye mask, pair of socks, and ear plugs ought to help!

Land in Amsterdam, safe and sound. Done and done.

I’m pimpin’ all over the world – Ludacris

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