What’s Yo’ Beef #5

by Rachel


Well, it’s an old age beef this week folks. You put your laundry out to dry, you feel really good about it because you’re saving energy and being green. Then it rains. And the weather app on your phone sucks so you didn’t know that. Now, all your clothes are damp on the line and after all that effort of putting it up, you throw it in the dryer anyways. Some of the things you hang dry in the basement, and when you put it on the next day, it stinks, and you have to wash it all over again. COME ON!


My beef is when you’re sitting in traffic, waiting to get home at 7:16 on a Friday night, and a big ass stupid transport truck is trying to back into a tiny space on a main road and is taking up everywhere. COME ON!!

Share your beef with us, but only if it’s medium rare.