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How To: Not Spend Too Much Money on a Night Out

by Rachel

Last night Shannon and I KILLED it at the bar… Without spending a buttload of money. Here’s the tricks:
-Take a set amount of money, we only took $20 each
-Seek out bars that have no cover
-Drink whatever’s on special (we got lucky since a pint of Rickard’s was $5)
-Don’t tip too much… Maybe just leave a tooney at the end of the night (sounds cheap but really? A buck a drink is a lot)
-Prep yourself some snacks so that they are ready and go straight home after the bar… Food really adds up and in a drunken state you will not think about what you are spending

Then go to sleep and wake up the next morning feeling good that you didn’t spend too much and didn’t drink too much!


How To: Have A Great St. Patrick’s Day

by Shannon

Lie about it and tell everyone you went to all the best bars and were fine with paying $15 for your neighborhood bar that is normally empty and you were sooooo drunk, when really, you just drank at home and watched Seinfeld reruns.

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