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How To: Pack For A Weekend Getaway

by Shannon

Seriously, I would love some advice.

Headed to Boston this weekend with OMGmYHuSbAnD!LOVE4EVER and I have no idea what to pack.

Here’s what I’m planning on:

  • Seven pairs of underwear. Sometimes you need a thong, and sometimes you need a regular pair, and sometimes you need a pair that doesn’t ride up your butt no matter what
  • Nine shirts. Sometimes I don’t like the ones I already own so I have to try a different one
  • Four bottles of hair product. I have a lot of hair and stuff
  • One pair of pants. Well come on, it’s not like you wash jeans anyway, amiright

Obviously I’m a really good traveller.

The road goes ever on and on, and I didn’t bring enough to wear


How To: Feel Trashy At Work

by Shannon

You can’t button your pants all day because your stomach sunburn won’t allow it. You can’t technically zipper them either, but that’s probably just because you ate McDonald’s last night.

How To: Live A Better Life

by Shannon

Don’t buy pants without trying them on first. You will always regret it.

How To: Wonder If You’re Crazy

by Shannon

Go to the bathroom and be all like Where are my pants? Then realize you’re not even wearing pants, you’re wearing a dress.

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