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How To: Get The Stink Out Of Your Pants

by Rachel

I’ve been hearing lately that you are NOT supposed to wash your jeans, like, ever. Denim is meant to form to the shape of your body and washing ruins that. Not to mention it’s hard on the fabric, so bonus, your jeans will last longer.
There are two circumstances in which you should wash your jeans:
1. If they are sagging
2. If they are visibly dirty

So what do you do if they just stink? I will tell you, and I tell you with the experience of doing it and knowing that it works. Put them in a plastic bag and out them in the freezer for a few hours. The cold kills the stink! Huzzah! But make sure on a cold day to take them out a good half hour before you have to wear them… And on a hot day pull them out and put them on. Fresh AND refreshing.


How To: Make Hipster Cutoffs

by Rachel

Hipsters can sometimes have covetable style. I am a huge fan of cutoffs and am loving the high waist rolled cuff right now. Instead of spending 20 or 30 bucks at the store, you can make your own!

1. Go to Value Village and purchase old jeans, best if they predate 1998.


2. If you can find button fly you’re golden (although I will regret this on a summer night of beers).


3. Cut them off with enough length that you can roll the cuff a couple times. If you don’t like the cuffs cut them shorter for the frayed hem.


4. Wash them to fray the hem a bit and get the thrift store stink out (might have to do that twice… See my How To: Thrift Shop – Clothing Edition)

5. Um, I guess that’s it actually. So easy!




Pair with oversized sweater cardigans, crop tops, wide brim hats etc. for the whole look.

How To: Pack For A Weekend Getaway

by Shannon

Seriously, I would love some advice.

Headed to Boston this weekend with OMGmYHuSbAnD!LOVE4EVER and I have no idea what to pack.

Here’s what I’m planning on:

  • Seven pairs of underwear. Sometimes you need a thong, and sometimes you need a regular pair, and sometimes you need a pair that doesn’t ride up your butt no matter what
  • Nine shirts. Sometimes I don’t like the ones I already own so I have to try a different one
  • Four bottles of hair product. I have a lot of hair and stuff
  • One pair of pants. Well come on, it’s not like you wash jeans anyway, amiright

Obviously I’m a really good traveller.

The road goes ever on and on, and I didn’t bring enough to wear

How To: Really Stop And Smell The Roses

by Shannon

Don’t wear jeans when it’s hot out.

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