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How To: Question Your Sanity

by Shannon

Should I have déjà-vu from all these Instagram posts?

Or wait… can I just see the future now? Did the doctors use some kind of new material for my c-section stitches and now I’m… am I a superhero?

Oh. Wait.

I just already saw these posts at 3 a.m. when I was breastfeeding.

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, it’s possibly my own fault because I wasn’t really paying attention the first time.


How To: Be Happy…

by Rachel

… For at least one moment a day.
It’s called 100 Happy Days. I’m not usually into this kind of thing, but today I had such a bitter day I felt this would help in appreciating every day, even if just for a minute. Plus, the more instagram photos the better, am I right?
So I started today! You can start too, just go to

And if you wanted you could follow me on instagram – rmetherel.

Don’t worry, be happy… For 100 days

How To: Display Instagram Photos

by Rachel

I LOVE Instagram. I have recently been printing a lot of my Instagram photos because they look so great and I want to show them off. I got on trusty Pinterest, found an idea and had incredible Pinterest success with it.


Its a 12×12 canvas that I glued 9 Instagram photos (4×4) so they fit perfectly. Be sure you have a canvas with dimensions that are multiples of 4, layout your photos first and use Mod Podge glue (or something similar).

An Instagram photo is worth a thousand words

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