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How To: Go Back To Being 16

by Shannon

Just give a good old solid listen to those songs that got you through some mad heartbreak.

Might I suggest Jimmy Eat World’s ‘Work’?

BRB, g2g bawl my eyes out.


How To: Live 10 Years Longer

by Shannon

Just hang out with your best friend. You’ll both instantly revert to yourselves when you were in high school, which means you’re essentially gaining another 10 years. Right?

What’s Yo’ Beef #12

by Rachel


My beef today is a serious beef. Its when you find out a trusted high school calculus teacher whom you really liked is recently found to have had an unauthorized loaded gun on school property. For shame! Think of the children!


Hey friends. Today, my beef is downers. No, not the drugs (hurray for alcohol!), but the people. Now, I’ll preface this by saying that I can totally be one of these people. But when I’m in an awesome mood, listening to songs from Sister Act, the quickest way to piss me off is to act like you’re so put out and miserable that you can’t even deal. Man, just put on some commercial rap or something, and get over it. Seriously.

How To: Feel Super Weird

by Shannon

Have a sexy dream about a guy in high school you hardly knew.

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