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How To: Feel Like A Million Pounds

by Shannon

Feel incredibly sick all day and subsist on only Premium Plus crackers and water, but force yourself to go to dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory because it’s the last time you’ll see some friends before they pop out another human being.

Have a great time, and of course you’ll have another beer just because everyone else is having one too.

Proceed to feel as insanely huge as your 9 months pregnant friend is. Mission accomplished, fatty.


What’s Yo’ Beef #10

by Shannon

Well, well, well. It’s our 10th What’s Yo Beef post already! Let’s dig right in, shall we?


My beef is pasta. Man, just pasta. It has everything going for it – it’s versatile, easy to make, quick to make, and just dirt cheap. So why does it have to be so shitty for you? And what the hell else am I supposed to make for lunch at work the next day other than just boiling up some pasta? Get healthy already, pasta! COME ON!


What is the deal with people cancelling plans? Just keep the plans, man. Otherwise, you’ll have people insanely pissed at you because they have to find alternate people to attend your stuff, and it’s a real bitch. It’s a good thing that the event in question, if, of course, I was referring to a specific event, is Octoberfest in Waterloo, and it’s going to be such a blast that nothing could mar this wonderful, wonderful day. COME ON (and let’s go to Octoberfest)!

How To: Publicly Thank Your BFF

by Shannon

Thank you, Rachel, for letting Liam and I borrow your car yesterday. Our empties pile is now at a reasonable level that does not make us look like the alcoholics we probably are.

How To: Wish You Lived With A Woman

by Shannon

Start watching HBO’s girls and wish that you were just a little less grown up. Proceed to watch every single episode.

How To: Make Your Own Sushi

by Rachel

Although worth every penny, all you can eat sushi is pretty darn expensive… and little do many people know, it’s pretty easy to make! So get some friends together and make it a party.

All you need to do is…



Photo 1: Buy all the stuff! Sticky rice, roasted seaweed, soy sauce, cucumber, avocado, mango, beef, smoked salmon, crab etc. Whatever you want! Don’t like fish eggs? Don’t buy ’em…

Photo 2: Cook the rice as directed. It should be a wet, sticky consistency. Smear it on the seaweed, and make sure to leave about a half an inch at the edge so when it gets rolled the edge can stick the roll closed.

Photo 3: Put whatever fillings you want! One time, I put sausage, cheese and pickles… not as bad as it sounds.

Photo 4: Roll it towards the empty edge of seaweed! Again, that half inch edge will stick to the outside of the roll to keep it nice and tightly rolled.

Photo 5: Slice it up into delicious bite sized pieces.

Photo 6: Enjoy the heck out of your delicious, homemade sushi, and the money you saved making it. Remember, a little goes a LONG way when making sushi, but also, you can NEVER have too much sushi.

Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.

How To: Have An Incredible Camping Weekend

by Rachel

1. Get some of your coolest friends to go with you!

2. Get everyone to bring food and you all share and cook for each other.

3. Make sure the drink coolers are well stocked.

4. Get a DeWALT charger/radio and you’ll have music all weekend! You can even plug in your iPod!

5. Decorate your campsite:


6. Play this:

Giant Beer Pong! Toss the ball in and the other team drinks a bucket of beer… (or maybe just a sip of their drink)


When finished with the buckets, put them on your head for a silly picture.

bucket heads

7. Go here:


Saugeen Bluffs Conservation Area

8. And don’t forget to make yourself a sweet, DIY camping shirt:


All you need is a pair of scissors! Cut off the collar and all the hems then cut vertically up from the bottom of the shirt to the desired length of fringe. Adding beads is up to you, I just put on what I had.


That’s it! A fun fringe, camping chic shirt in minutes which can also double as a hippie Halloween costume.  I can’t say for sure, but I think my Dad is going to want it back now!

This is Our Ontario, Yours to Discover

How To: Work the Camping Chic Look

by Rachel

It’s the long weekend! And what better activity to do than to go camping. There are SO many great things about camping; fires, s’mores, spider dogs, drinking, nature… Another great thing about camping that can be overlooked is the sheer comfort of all the things you wear. It’s what we like to call “camping chic”.

I bet you have never heard the term “camping chic” before. That’s because we invented it! Last summer, we and some other girls went on a stellar girls camping weekend. We discussed how comfortable and carefree camping style is. In fact, I think the relaxation of camping is, in part, not caring what you look like!

Examples of camping chic include:

  • Wearing bathing suit bottoms, a shirt and NO PANTS! Pants are just the WORST…
  • Wearing the same thing at least two days in a row
  • Over-sized tee’s and button ups, booty sweat pant shorts and anything mesh
  • Got a hole or stain in your favourite shirt? Don’t throw it out, wear it camping! It’s all part of the look.
  • My personal favourite, going au naturel… no make up and letting your natural hair oils do the all the work. Your beauty regimen involves swimming in the lake to get the surface dirt off. That’s it.

In real life, this might be considered letting yourself go. In camping life, it’s hot hot hot!

I have a quick DIY prepared for my camping trip this weekend.


I got this shirt as a hand me down from my Dad. (Interesting fact, he got it by trading the shirt off his back with a dude, what a deal!).
It’s already pretty good as is for camping, but as you can see, it’s super big and bulky and a little too warm. I love the peace sign so I’m going to add that personal homemade touch, and it will be perfect for camping.

I am going to test it out this weekend and there will be photos of my creation to come. I sure hope it turns out!

And I sure hope everyone has a GREAT Canada Day long weekend!

Give Peace (and oversized peace sign tee’s from your Dad) a Chance!

How To: Rebrand Your Blog

by Shannon

First of all, use the word brand – it sounds really professional.

Then, get together with your friend who is super great at crafting and shit and also wants to start a blog, and then just do it.


How To: Get To Second Base

by Shannon

Ride the subway in morning rush hour. Don’t forget to tell all your friends, or it didn’t really happen.

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