How To: Throw a Nation Themed Party – Germany Edition

by Rachel

I live in Kitchener/Waterloo where October is a very special month… It’s not thanksgiving or Hallowe’en, or moose hunting or harvest, but Oktoberfest!!

There is no better time to throw a German themed party than this time of year.

So, so obvious. BEER! The only stipulation is that it be German… Becks, Krombacher, Paulaner, Lowenbrau… I bought a different German beer for each guest to toast to Germany. It’s also fun to have beer steins to drink out. Very German.

Although I didn’t serve this stuff for convenience sake, some delicious options are weiner schnitzel, bratwurst, sauerkraut, red cabbage, black forest cake, streudel… We did have soft pretzels though!

DRINK! That’s it, just drink. But I also had some funny German translation books and a dictionary so people could brush up their German. You could always carve a cuckoo clock or do a Polka for real authenticity…

Easy! As per any nation themed party, flags are a must and I made some place cards for each person with a phrase and translations on it. As well a Wilkommen Freundin sign on the mirror.

I prefer Polka music and German Beer Drinking songs… But I hear Germans are great at techno and heavy metal.

Dirndl’s, lederhosen, Birkenstocks, and Alpine Bavarian Hats (with a feather of course). You can get creative with these things and with accessories. I painted my nails like German flags!

Going to Oktoberfest and drinking is definitely enough for an awesome party, but adding these extras might be able to help you remember it a little better the next day.

Es wird gefeiert! (It’s party time!)