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How To: Have An Incredible Camping Weekend

by Rachel

1. Get some of your coolest friends to go with you!

2. Get everyone to bring food and you all share and cook for each other.

3. Make sure the drink coolers are well stocked.

4. Get a DeWALT charger/radio and you’ll have music all weekend! You can even plug in your iPod!

5. Decorate your campsite:


6. Play this:

Giant Beer Pong! Toss the ball in and the other team drinks a bucket of beer… (or maybe just a sip of their drink)


When finished with the buckets, put them on your head for a silly picture.

bucket heads

7. Go here:


Saugeen Bluffs Conservation Area

8. And don’t forget to make yourself a sweet, DIY camping shirt:


All you need is a pair of scissors! Cut off the collar and all the hems then cut vertically up from the bottom of the shirt to the desired length of fringe. Adding beads is up to you, I just put on what I had.


That’s it! A fun fringe, camping chic shirt in minutes which can also double as a hippie Halloween costume.  I can’t say for sure, but I think my Dad is going to want it back now!

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How To: Really Gauge That You’re Out Of Shape

by Shannon

You’d like a sip of your wine but then you’d have to get up and reach for it instead of lying prostrate on your couch.

How To: Eat A Liquid Diet

by Shannon

Drink chocolate milk. That shit’s like a meal.

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