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How To: Avoid Making a Travel Scrapbook

by Rachel

I have been making scrapbooks pretty much my entire life… And I am pretty sick of it. The last trip scrapbook I made took sooo freakin’ long and I haaated making it.
A whole new world (world of Pinterest… Ugh that’s two posts now that rely on pinterest) of scrapping that has been opened up to me. Decorative boxes… Seriously. I love boxes… And I want more in my house.
I recently went to England and just finished my scrapbox… And I am incredibly satisfied.


Dollarama has plain unfinished wood boxes. I painted mine white, stamped England on the front, put an Instagram photo from the trip on top, and glazed the shit out of it.


The inside is full of treasures and a list of cities we went to.
How ’bout that.

How To: Feel a Lot More Organized

by Rachel

I had a minor OCD takeover on Friday, but I feel totally okay about it. My closet just hasn’t been right… Its a jumble of mismatched hangers; plastic, wire, wooden and all different colours… It was a right mess. So thanks to Dollarama and their incredibly affordable hangers (a 7 pack for $2!) I have organized it in a way I can stand!

My clothes are all on white plastic hangers. Husbands clothes are all on grey plastic hangers. My dresses occupy a separate closet and are living on wooden hangers. Coats are on black and blue hangers. And all is right with the world again. There is so much to be said for colour coding.

How To: Throw a Tinniversary Party

by Rachel

1. Watch episode 18, season 2 of New Girl; “TinFinity” for inspiration.


2. Make a playlist of all your favourite songs, prepare all your favourite foods, and drink your favourite drinks that you’ve listened to, eaten, and drank in the ten years you’ve been friends.

3. Go to Dollarama and buy a lot of tin foil for decorations.

4. Collect pictures from your friendship, good and bad, and post them for your friends to admire.

5. Talk exclusively about inside jokes that no one else will get, and make them wish they too, have been friends with you for ten years.

6. Dance.

Helpful Tip: do not ask your husbands to help, because they will just shake their heads.


There are big ships and small ships, but the best ship of all is friendship

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