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How To: Make a Ruby Gem Piñata!

by Rachel

Piñatas are such a terrific concept. Ridiculous shaped things you get to hit with a stick and candy falls out!
So I made one for Shannon’s holiday party this year.


1. Find yourself some cardboard boxes and cut 4-6 pieces the same size of this shape.


2. As seen, tape the edges together to create a prism.


3. Fill with goodies!


4. For the top cut a piece of cardboard that fits the hole. Poke a metal hanger through the center for a hook.


5. Tape the shit out of it.


6. Cover in red shiny paper (make sure it is paper, foil doesn’t allow the glue to dry, we had a lot of sticky candy).


And huzzah! You have a great, unforgettable party activity!


How To: Freak Yourself Out

by Shannon

Plan a holiday party when you actually have zero time to, you know, clean your house, prepare the Jello shots, make chain link decorations, plan your impromptu dance routine, and everything else that obviously makes a good party.

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