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How To: Solve The Mystery Of Why Women Live Longer Than Men

by Shannon

Dear Science,
I wanted to send a quick note to let you know that I have solved the mystery of why women live longer than men. I would like you to read this post, an excerpt from my very favourite book/bible (How To Be A Woman, by Caitlin Moran, available on Amazon), and then realize the incredible amount of stress that we women deal with each and every day, being attacked by our own brains as if they were Gremlins and fed after midnight. It is this incredible exposure to psycho-stress that we face daily that has built up an outstanding resistance to most causes of death. For those of you scientists suggesting that men begin self-analyzing to this extent in order to join us in our octogenarian days, I would immediately ask that you stop, because otherwise I will never get to live out my Golden Girls fantasy (I’m Dorothy, obviously), and I am really looking forward to it.
Yours in science,


How To: Build A Girl

by Rachel

This is not actually a how to, but kind of a perfect title for our blog style and will be a fanatical raving about this absolutely awesome book by Caitlin Moran.

I am no expert on books, I am not a writer or deep soulful type person who says things like “This book evoked a lot of feelings in me, and I really identified with the main character”… but this book evoked a lot of feelings in me, and in some ways, I kind of did identify with the main character. I don’t read many books where I really feel happiness when something good happens to a character, or a lot of sadness for the crappy situation they are growing up in, but this book does it. I found myself feeling joy for the good things and real empathy for the bad. Not to mention there are thoughts and phrases from the main character that I, myself, have thought or said myself. It always feels good to know how universal your thoughts can be, even if it is just one, or two other people in the world thinking it. And if you too, are a 29 year old woman identifying with a sexually frustrated 14-17 year old girl, well, that’s ok… you’re not alone.

So go buy it. Like, now. NOOOOOOOOOOOOW!

How To Build A Girl by Caitlin Moran.

Growing up is about keeping secrets and pretending everything is fine

What’s Yo’ Beef #21

by Rachel


Beef day! I’ve been saving this one all week. I finished reading Divergent on Monday, it was super good and really hard to put down. It’s got it all, love story, betrayal, action, major conflict, and a lot of tattoos. I went ahead and bought it, as a soft cover, JUST in case I didn’t like it (bit pf a picky reader here) so I wouldn’t be stuck with the box set. Turns out I super loved it, and do you think I could find the other two separately in paperback? No. Which brings me to my beef, my very OCD beef.
I like my books to match. I like to have a trilogy or series that are all hardcover, or all softcover and with matching cover artwork. Why can’t book publishers sell all the books, separately, in soft AND hardcover? I have had the first Harry Potter book in softcover and the rest in hard cover for YEARS… And I think about it, regularly, always keeping my eye open for the Philosophers Stone in hardcover.
And now, I would rather spend the extra money and buy the whole box set of Divergent before buying the second two in hardcover.
After reading it on paper, I realize just how crazy that is…


Wow Rachel, that’s a really great beef. All I had this week was when you eat an apple and then everything is sticky for some reason, even though apples aren’t really that sticky, but your beef is way better. Matching books. Why can’t it just happen?!

How To: Have a Really Great Tuesday

by Rachel

It really helps if you have Tuesdays off. So, take the day off!

Take that Groupon you bought for a cool salon uptown (Creative Touch), and get a haircut that you actually LOVE! I thought the short bangs were an accident at first, but I am totally loving them.

When finished there, go to that old used bookstore up the street you’ve been meaning to go to (Old Goat Books) and find a couple books that you’ve been needing to complete some of your sets (Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix, Anne of Avonlea, antique book).

Debate with yourself going into that vintage boutique on the corner (Meow Boutique), ultimately deciding “who am I kidding, of course I’ll go in” . Look at all the beautiful vintage dresses… then try one on. It fits perfectly, and even though you already have a dress for that wedding at the end of the month, this one will be much more suitable for a summer wedding.  This is the dress!

After you already think you’ve spent enough money, 7 more dollars won’t hurt at the thrift store on the way home… so worth it for the vintage globe and cool purple jug you found.

Then, you put everything away as if it’s been in your house for years, so that maybe, just maybe, your husband won’t really notice.

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