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How To: Feel Trashy At Work

by Shannon

You can’t button your pants all day because your stomach sunburn won’t allow it. You can’t technically zipper them either, but that’s probably just because you ate McDonald’s last night.

How To: Realize There’s A Black Cloud In Every Silver Lining

by Shannon

The day before you’re supposed to head to Cuba, you wake up with a weird eye infection thingy. Hurray!

How To: Get To Second Base

by Shannon

Ride the subway in morning rush hour. Don’t forget to tell all your friends, or it didn’t really happen.

How To: Have A First World Problem

by Shannon

Make a delicious stew after dinner one fine evening, but then realize the slow cooker pot is still too hot from all the electricity it used to put in your refrigerator and you want to go to bed. Darn.

How To: Increase Your Blood Pressure

by Shannon

Try and book an all-inclusive vacation online for multiple people.

How To: Live A Better Life

by Shannon

Don’t buy pants without trying them on first. You will always regret it.

How To: Feel Bad About Candy

by Shannon

You just opened up a cool pack of Twizzlers shaped like hockey skates, but someone you work with comes along and wants to trade for Swedish Berries. You don’t even like Swedish Berries, but what are you going to do, not have friends at work?

How To: Be Craaaazy Stressed Out

by Shannon

Work a full time job and plan your wedding at the same time.

How To: Feel Like A Martyr

by Shannon

It’s tough job, getting paid to taste-test beer all afternoon. It makes you sleepy as as Hell.

How To: Debate Changing Careers

by Shannon

Make a list of all the jobs that don’t require you to get up early, and think, Hey, working at a grocery store again wouldn’t be that bad, as long as I consistently get the 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. shift.


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