How To: Throw An Axe

by Shannon

This has definitely got to be one of the more bad-ass posts we’ve had.

This past weekend, Liam and I hit up the Backyard Axe Throwing League. As you can see from their website, here’s the gist:

  • They teach you how to throw axes
  • It’s BYOB (they even have a fridge)
  • They set up a competition for you
  • You can bring your own food in or have it delivered

What more do you want?

We went for my friend Sommer’s birthday, and she had specified that everyone dress up as a Lumberjack, because of course that’s what you should do. Luckily, I have some experience making beards, so Liam and I took home co-first place.

batl1 batl2 batl3 batl4

Regarding, you know, the actual throwing of axes, it’s really not that difficult. You more or less just pick up the axe, and throw it, just like you’d think. I’m not saying the instructor’s weren’t great and didn’t teach us the tips and tricks (they were pretty awesome dudes), I’m saying that it’s just that easy.

I’m definitely planning to hit this place up again, and I will probably buy a couple hatchets just so I feel safe walking home alone at night.