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How To: Make Old Shoes Feel New Again

by Rachel

I am a terrible DIY’er in the sense that I ALWAYS forget to take a before picture.
Imagine a pair of gold metallic heels. They were great the first time I wore them, still good for going to the bar, but have since gotten so scuffed up I didn’t like to wear them anymore. So, I bedazzled with a bit of glue, glitter and glaze: the 3 gl’s.
Step 1: Use a paint brush to spread your glue
Step 2: Pour copious amounts of glitter on. Make sure you have a large piece of paper or magazine under so its easy cleanup. Lightly tap stray glitter so it sticks.
Step 3: Get a brush on glaze to put a shiny coat over top and to help prevent a glitter trail everywhere you go.

Just in time for holidays I have some new beautiful glittered heels!


Glitter is my favourite colour


How To: Sexify Your Bedroom

by Rachel

I got on a real kick recently on making my master bedroom look a little more grown up… sexy if you will. When I mentioned it to my husband he thought it was a GREAT idea, and then I got to go shopping for new bedroom decor (win win!). He even suggested painting the walls (which would be the second time since moving in) because the colour we chose originally is pretty shitty. Like literally, it’s poo coloured. Not really sure what we were thinking but we finally clued in and we now have a sexy bedroom and a great how to!

First of all, switching up the curtains made a HUGE difference in adding sexiness. We had thick brown curtains (yuk) and switched to black sheer. They are not too sheer that people can see in, and it kinda looks like lingerie for your windows.

The second major mood changer was painting our room almost black. I absolutely love it. It’s called Iron Ore from Sherwin Williams. On it’s own it looks black, but if you get something black beside it it looks like a very dark charcoal. It’s fantastic. Minus the bright green make up desk, I have taken a lot of the bright colours out of the room (my husband wants the green out too, he thinks it ruins the mood). It kind of feels a bit kiddish with too much colour, so the rest of the house is making up for the lack of colour in our room.

Up the candle count. There is a reason that romantic scenes in movies and tv have tons of candles.

I am a firm believer that there should not be any photo’s in your master bedroom other than some of each other or a place you’ve been. No family photo’s, no friend photo’s, not even pets! This, of course, is a personal preference, I just feel it’s hard to get sexy when there’s a picture of your parents sitting on the dresser. The art work in the third picture I grabbed at a university poster sale 8 years ago and damn they came in handy for our sexy bedroom! They are called ‘Girl’ and ‘Antonia’ by Charles Mackesy. Also in the third photo is our new bedside tables. They were $10 each and we glammed them up with silver spray paint and new hardware (the old ones were bright green). It looks fantastic paired with the rustic barn board of our bed.

Find pretty things for your room. Example, pretty scarves for draping, glass vases, and mirrors. I am a little obsessed with mirrors. The count is up to 6 in our room so far. It’s great wall decor as opposed to those family photos!

Lastly, keeping things tidy really helps. Being surrounded by clutter just makes you feel like you should be cleaning up. I NEVER used to make my bed, but now I do just because it looks so nice when it is made! I also had plastic hooks on the back of our door into the bedroom that was always piled with clothes. I moved it to the inside of the closet door. Out of sight, out of mind. I also plan to get some nice laundry baskets with lids to hide the piles of laundry in each of our corners of the room.

I am so happy with the results, a couple months ago I figured this would take me a year, but everything just showed up… mirrors in thrift stores, cheap new side tables, paint sales… all I need to go is a nice chandelier and ceiling medallion and the transformation will be complete.

I’m [Rachel], but you can call me sexy. Everyone else does. –The Darkest Kiss

How To: Save Your Eardrums

by Shannon

For quite some time now, I’ve been freaked out about my hearing, and how shitty earbuds are for your ears. However, I still plug ’em in and listen to music at work everyday, because as mentioned in a previous post, I can’t get enough of Justin Beiber, apparently.

That’s when I decided to invest in a pair of these bad boys:


These bad boys are, with tax and shipping (which is totally free, and totally fast), less than $40. I’ve only been wearing them for a few hours, but Coloud, I am exceptionally pleased so far.

Plus, they look bitchin’. So invest in a pair of headphones that let you listen to the sweet, sweet dulcet sounds of Justin Beiber The National and treasure your hearing for years to come.

How To: Care For Curly Hair

by Shannon

I originally meant this to be a snarky post, all like, “If you find out, tell me, because I have severe difficulties.” But then I thought, you know what, my hair isn’t that brutal errrrrryday, so, I will take a note from my new blog friend (OMG) Jess and explain my daily routine.

This all started because a co-worker of mine couldn’t believe I didn’t wash my hair. As in, I haven’t touched a bottle of shampoo in about two years. My hair just doesn’t shampoo well. It gets dry and feels weird and just doesn’t feel like hair anymore to me. The oils and shiz that build up on straight-hair and make you look sick and gross and weird happen to help weigh my hair down to a somewhat manageable volume.

I also don’t brush my hair. It’s impossible. Sometimes I let my mom do it when I go home to visit my parents, but that’s more for the excellent scalp vibe (you know what I’m talking about, don’t lie and be weird) than the brushing itself. Brushing is instant death to curly hair. It rips the curl, it blows it up, and then it just vomits all over it. If you have curly hair, and you have issues with it, FOR THE LOVE OF KEANU REEVES STOP BRUSHING YOUR HAIR.

Man, that took a lot out of me. Forget things to do, just don’t do the above and I’ll get to other tips later, yo.

In the meantime, my curly hair is still far from perfect, so if you do have great tips, send ’em through!

And God said, Let there be curls

How To: Thrift Shop – Clothing Edition

by Rachel

With clothes shopping at the thrift store, you don’t have as much of a risk getting too much crap like chotchkies. Clothes have to fit and still look good before buying them, which plenty of the clothes at thrift stores don’t. This does make it a bit trickier to find good stuff because you have to be patient and really dig deep sometimes. Here’s some things that help me out with clothes and accessory thrifting:

  • You gotta be in the mood. Wait until that day where you don’t have much to do and a whole bunch of time on your hands. When the phrase “I feel like thrift shopping” enters your head, then you know it’s time.
  • You MUST try things on. These clothes have been used and washed and dried many times… a 32 length might not be a 32 length anymore.
  • When looking at pants, check the area’s that are commonly worn out. Namely, the hems at the bottom, knee’s and between the thighs (ladies you know what I’m talking about).
  • Make sure zippers work/stay up/stay closed! Same with buttons.
  • For shirts, I go straight for the armpits.. nothing worse than pit stains that aren’t even yours!
  • Generally, in all pieces, look for pilling, thinning, rips, tears, and stains. If you are lucky, you might be able to get a stain out, but don’t always count on it.
  • For the love of Peter, Paul and Mary… stay away from the underwear! Ultimately it’s up to you, but that’s nasty!
  • If you find an amazing pair of pants where your butt looks good, but the length isn’t right, either get them hemmed if too long or roll them up for summer if they are too short. I have a short pair that I roll up and wear with heels or sandals in summer, or wear them only with high boots in the winter. They are one of my fave pairs!
  • Have an open mind… if there’s a sweet blazer, but it has huge shoulder pads, be willing to take them out and sew it back up. Ugly buttons can easily be replaced. Seemingly ugly skirts and dresses can be saved by a cool modern belt or cardigan. You just need a little imagination.
  • When you get home, wash your thrifty finds in hot water. After they are dried, smell them to make sure the thrift store smell is GONE! I tried wearing a dress from a thrift store that I had washed already, but kept getting thrift store whiffs… gross.
  • And ultimately, If it doesn’t fit, don’t buy it, even if it is only $2.99.

I meant what I said and I said what I meant

How To: Experience Real Disappointment

by Shannon

Ask someone where they got their sweater because you really like it and you’ve been looking for one just like it and you got up the nerve to ask them and everything, then hear them say, Oh, it’s last season. Joe Fresh, great price. They probably don’t make them anymore.”

How To: Have a Really Great Tuesday

by Rachel

It really helps if you have Tuesdays off. So, take the day off!

Take that Groupon you bought for a cool salon uptown (Creative Touch), and get a haircut that you actually LOVE! I thought the short bangs were an accident at first, but I am totally loving them.

When finished there, go to that old used bookstore up the street you’ve been meaning to go to (Old Goat Books) and find a couple books that you’ve been needing to complete some of your sets (Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix, Anne of Avonlea, antique book).

Debate with yourself going into that vintage boutique on the corner (Meow Boutique), ultimately deciding “who am I kidding, of course I’ll go in” . Look at all the beautiful vintage dresses… then try one on. It fits perfectly, and even though you already have a dress for that wedding at the end of the month, this one will be much more suitable for a summer wedding.  This is the dress!

After you already think you’ve spent enough money, 7 more dollars won’t hurt at the thrift store on the way home… so worth it for the vintage globe and cool purple jug you found.

Then, you put everything away as if it’s been in your house for years, so that maybe, just maybe, your husband won’t really notice.

How To: Spend $100 At The Gap

by Shannon

Just redeem those lovely, love Air Miles that you’ve been collecting (gee, thanks Metro and LCBO for your bonus points!) for a $25 Gap gift card.

Proceed to not be able to limit yourself to $25, obvi, and spend about a million dollars there.

How To: Work the Camping Chic Look

by Rachel

It’s the long weekend! And what better activity to do than to go camping. There are SO many great things about camping; fires, s’mores, spider dogs, drinking, nature… Another great thing about camping that can be overlooked is the sheer comfort of all the things you wear. It’s what we like to call “camping chic”.

I bet you have never heard the term “camping chic” before. That’s because we invented it! Last summer, we and some other girls went on a stellar girls camping weekend. We discussed how comfortable and carefree camping style is. In fact, I think the relaxation of camping is, in part, not caring what you look like!

Examples of camping chic include:

  • Wearing bathing suit bottoms, a shirt and NO PANTS! Pants are just the WORST…
  • Wearing the same thing at least two days in a row
  • Over-sized tee’s and button ups, booty sweat pant shorts and anything mesh
  • Got a hole or stain in your favourite shirt? Don’t throw it out, wear it camping! It’s all part of the look.
  • My personal favourite, going au naturel… no make up and letting your natural hair oils do the all the work. Your beauty regimen involves swimming in the lake to get the surface dirt off. That’s it.

In real life, this might be considered letting yourself go. In camping life, it’s hot hot hot!

I have a quick DIY prepared for my camping trip this weekend.


I got this shirt as a hand me down from my Dad. (Interesting fact, he got it by trading the shirt off his back with a dude, what a deal!).
It’s already pretty good as is for camping, but as you can see, it’s super big and bulky and a little too warm. I love the peace sign so I’m going to add that personal homemade touch, and it will be perfect for camping.

I am going to test it out this weekend and there will be photos of my creation to come. I sure hope it turns out!

And I sure hope everyone has a GREAT Canada Day long weekend!

Give Peace (and oversized peace sign tee’s from your Dad) a Chance!

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