What’s Yo’ Beef #42

by Rachel

So I like biking, and I understand bikers can be SNOT-TY… I have experienced many snotty bikers before and I don’t condone it. However, my beef today is going to make me sound like a bit of a snotty biker: adults who do not know how to ride a bike. And I don’t mean they get on and just fall off, that’s totally ok. I mean you know how to ride just not properly, like your seat is way too low and you don’t know how to use your gears… You look like a 6 year old with those crazy legs on a low gear and knees almost hitting you in the face. Not to mention you’re creating so much more work for yourself by not fitting your bike to your body. When your foot is on the peddle your knee should be only slightly bent, like maybe 20 degrees? And the higher your gear, the more torque… It takes a bit more energy to get going but once you do, you’ll get there much faster than peddling like a mad man on low gear. Because you look ridiculous.


Okay, so Rachel is basically talking about me, because I really don’t know how to ride a bike at all. Mostly because I’m 5ft tall and it’s really difficult to find a bike that fits me… At least I know I can’t ride a bike? Does that make it better?!

Anyway – here’s my beef guys. It’s Facebook messaging. I just don’t get it! Is it like email, where you just send a long thing and the person responds whenever they want? Is it like MSN, where you expect an instant reply? I don’t get it! I feel like whatever I think it is, it’s actually the opposite, and I’m doing it wrong.